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Events, Past and Present...

3/27/2015 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 3.10 by heftydude & Robin_1
3/28/2015 Family Fun at the 🌸LBJ Wildflower Center🌸 by 🐞GiGi and JoJo🐞
3/28/2015 March Eat and Greet by 98x
3/28/2015 Lake Arlington CITO by ArlingtonParksnRec
3/28/2015 BFF's Champions Area CITO 2015 by BFF Caching Buddies 2katz & KeyResults
4/1/2015 27 Untested Taps On The Wall by Bubberdad
4/2/2015 What-a-Event! Meet a SC Cacher! (2.0) by BittenApple
4/2/2015 Breakfast with C and T by zrvers
4/4/2015 2015 Texas Challenge Wrap Up by Draegon
4/4/2015 TOGA Monthly Meet & Greet by Texoma Geocaching
4/6/2015 Will Cache for Food #52 by sugarlandians
4/6/2015 FIRST MONDAY IN BEAUMONT APRIL 2015 by Bizzyb
4/6/2015 Brown Baggin' It by GMartinTX
4/7/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
4/8/2015 SWAG Celebrates Cupcake Day by cougarzlair
4/8/2015 Club UFO: Bunny Hops by UFO Crew
4/10/2015 Friday Morning Breakfast Club - Cinco-Oxidado Taco by TommeGun
4/11/2015 Geocaching Family Day by wr365
4/11/2015 BB's Blue Heron Parkway SETX CITO by BaytownBert
4/11/2015 MOGA - What the heck is MOGA? by ACCLanMan
4/14/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
4/15/2015 Welcome to the West Side Act XXXIX by Manofsteel73
4/15/2015 Trackablefest with Mustang Venturing Crews by sunshot99
4/16/2015 No Cache or No Cash!! by 2Nutz
4/17/2015 A stopover on Earth #16 : Houston by kirdec
4/18/2015 Meet, Eat, & Greet - April 2015 by Tank and Spaz
4/18/2015 AAB St. Jo's Isle CITO by SCHMITZFAM4
4/18/2015 AAB CITO Port A @ Ave G by SCHMITZFAM4
4/18/2015 AAB Cito After Party by SCHMITZFAM4
4/18/2015 My flashlight is brighter than your flashlight! by TravelingGeek
4/21/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
4/21/2015 April Meet and Greet by fishingkitty
4/21/2015 Central Cachers Meet & Greet v7.0 by Central Cachers Consortium (R5,Dhaulaghiri&.jpeg)
4/21/2015 Welcome To The Woodlands--Part עֶשְׂרִים וְשָׁלוֹש by Bubberdad
4/21/2015 Third Tuesday / Geocachers Anonymous / Eat & Greet by Skipbo & Woodpicker & Bizzyb
4/24/2015 Where's Wallet? 2015 by JDubSr & Wallet
4/24/2015 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 3.11 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
4/25/2015 Cito in the City by Cache Control
4/25/2015 TXGA Presents....CITO Pi! by juleed and baytownbert
4/25/2015 2nd CITO for Herman Little Park by Bubberdad
4/25/2015 MMMMMM! Lunch Time!! by SC11
4/25/2015 Cafe Kahuna Revisited by Chemist Kahuna
4/25/2015 CITO Wind Down @ South Side by thenkengrene
4/25/2015 Cypress Creek CITO by txgo4fan
4/25/2015 3rd Annual Tatum CITO Event by 98x
4/25/2015 2015 Earth Day New Braunfels by BulldogBlitz
4/25/2015 AGA - S. 27th St CITO #08 by Love Cachers
4/25/2015 Great American Cleanup in Brenham by VisitBrenham
4/26/2015 Adopt A Highway Threepete by Bigguy In Texas
4/26/2015 Old Alton Bridge CITO Event by D.A.W.G.S.
4/26/2015 Hill Country Geocachers CITO Event #3 by sharon133
4/26/2015 After CITO Event @ WAB by Bigguy In Texas
4/26/2015 A Toast to a Geocacher of the Month by txgo4fan
4/26/2015 Geocacher's Anonymous # 4 by sharon133
4/26/2015 2015 Armand Bayou Spring Cleaning CITO by cachestacker
4/26/2015 CITO IN THE PARK / Buterfly Garden by Cache Control
4/29/2015 19 Untested Taps On The Wall by Bubberdad
5/2/2015 DGS Day: Super Hero or Villian ( Flash ) by ~~ Texas Dirtbags ~~
5/2/2015 Abilene CITO Event (A.C.E. #10) by Love Cachers
5/2/2015 "2015 Spring Fling" by 1st Sgt
5/3/2015 Trading Trackables at Traders Oak Park by Team Drew (ScrappyDooPup, Monhina, & Quick_Sticks)
5/4/2015 May The Fourth Be With You by Cache Control
5/5/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
5/12/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
5/13/2015 SWAG Celebrates National Hamburger Month by The Hamburger Diva
5/16/2015 Meet, Eat, & Greet - May 2015 by Tank and Spaz
5/17/2015 Aliens in Garland by wademercer
5/20/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
5/24/2015 LolosDream and Pathfinder33 got Married!! by Pathfinder33 & LolosDream
6/13/2015 WWFM XII The freaking Funny Zombies.. Part II by Cache Control
6/13/2015 WWFM-XII: Flashmob at the V - Four! by ham2405
6/13/2015 WWFM XII (Dallas, Tx) White Rock Lake Flash Mob! by TXGA's Newest N. Tx. Rep.!

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/1/2015 White Cliffs of . . . by Espy Seay
4/1/2015 0 , Nil , Nada by Espy Seay
4/1/2015 Captain Jack Sparrow by cyclewarrior1962
3/31/2015 4 Grids Challenge by DFWC
3/31/2015 3 Grids Challenge by DFWC
3/31/2015 More! More! - Welcome to The Colony by Bevo58
3/30/2015 One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure by Team MOMsters
3/30/2015 3 Billy Goats Gruff? by Gr@nny
3/29/2015 HT 4X4 - LOTS OF CAVES by iostos
3/29/2015 Planes, trains and automobiles #2 by Smiley669

Latest Trackable Items...

4/1/2015 7:41:48 PM Lt. Col Texas Tiger was placed in WAS a gift from Winstonsmom.
4/1/2015 6:13:14 PM Lego Light-Your-Way was placed in TB Train Station.
4/1/2015 6:12:44 PM Art-Vermeer-Mistress and Maid with Letter TB02 was placed in TB Train Station.
4/1/2015 3:34:38 PM Purple Bob TB was placed in The Golden Ratio aka Lindale's Largest!!!.
4/1/2015 3:26:00 PM Stark Racer was placed in Texas Music Jukebox Cache.
4/1/2015 1:49:46 PM Signal the Frog from the Lily Pad was placed in Just Horsin' Around.
4/1/2015 1:12:29 PM James Bond Island was placed in Jenkins Hall cache.
4/1/2015 12:00:00 PM With this ring... was placed in Magnolia Creek.
4/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Beneduct Cumberquack TB RACE was placed in Lone Star # 1.
4/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Kweem Quacker was placed in DB Mini Cooper.

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