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Events, Past and Present...

7/27/2015 BB's TXGA Outsiders Geocaching 101 Flashmob! by BaytownBert
7/27/2015 DAWGS July Meet and Greet by D.A.W.G.S.
7/28/2015 Park and Gab 87: Take time off from Summer by Park and Gabbers
7/29/2015 196 Untested Taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
7/30/2015 ABC: July Heat by SueandRon
7/31/2015 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 4.02 by heftydude & Robin_1
8/1/2015 Bon Voyage by Backwards Charlie from Austin
8/1/2015 Hilltop Cemetery CITO by Texoma Geocaching
8/1/2015 CITO in Bear Branch Park by geojrh
8/1/2015 TOGA Monthly Meet 'n Greet - Lunchtime Edition by Texoma Geocaching
8/2/2015 Way Out West - Meet and Greet by The Caching Dead
8/3/2015 Will Cache for Food (or a Slice of Pi) #56 by Squirreltrappers
8/3/2015 FIRST MONDAY IN AUGUST 2015 by Bizzyb
8/5/2015 Wise County Needs An Event by TheMtns
8/5/2015 M.A.D. Cachers Beat The Heat by M.A.D. Cachers!
8/5/2015 194 Untested Taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
8/6/2015 Geocaching Made Fun by TxTs
8/7/2015 Meeting of the Minds... Geo Style! by VossX2
8/8/2015 Road Trip 2015 CITO & Three-fer (maybe) by CANINE QUEEN
8/8/2015 Hill Country Geocachers CITO Event #4 by sharon133
8/8/2015 Abilene CITO Event (A.C.E. #12) by Love Cachers
8/8/2015 Fill Up and Cool Down by Jan and the Man
8/8/2015 CITO in the Water by NSRAggie
8/9/2015 Picnic at Firemans Park and "BOAT" Race. by 8Nuts MotherGoose
8/9/2015 Escape! The Wrap Party by Arlington Public Library and SWAG
8/11/2015 Torontonian visits Houston by MAG-nitude2.1
8/12/2015 Club UFO: Hoppy Valley IPA by UFO Crew
8/12/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
8/14/2015 FMBC Swag Trader Event and Souvenir ! by LtDsta33 + Nikielo
8/14/2015 August Get Together by fishingkitty
8/15/2015 The Last Block Party by TXCinnamonGirl
8/15/2015 + The Man... + The Myth...+ The Driver by juleed
8/15/2015 Smoke, Sauce and Swimming in the Springs by razorbackgirl
8/16/2015 Trinity Park - Our Playground! by Roogles! & The Jackaroo
8/16/2015 BB, Juleed, & ParkerPlus' Retirement Party! by BaytownBert + Juleed + ParkerPlus
8/16/2015 Adopt A Highway - Earn a Souvenir! by Bigguy In Texas
8/16/2015 International Geocaching Day Event by wr365
8/17/2015 Picnic at the Falls by flyinag11 and evie3211
8/17/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
8/18/2015 Welcome to the Woodlands--Part 27 by Bubberdad
8/18/2015 Central Cachers Meet&Greet - Got School Supplies? by Robin_1 newest member Central Cachers Consortium
8/18/2015 August Eat-N-Greet with the Gang! by boners_mom & Redcar
8/19/2015 Rock Out with Your Lock (and Lock) Out! by Redd Metal
8/19/2015 Welcome to the West Side Act XLIII by Manofsteel73
8/20/2015 ABC: August BBQ by green-eyed
8/20/2015 Meet & Greet - No Frills Grill Burleson by 2Nutz
8/22/2015 Get Your '15 Geocaching Event Souvenir Here by what529
8/22/2015 DGS: Cache Bashin the 5's C~I~T~O by ~~ Texas Dirtbags ~~
8/23/2015 Road Trip 15 CITO by Texasgal60
8/26/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
8/29/2015 Geocaching Roadtrip 2015 End of Summer Bash by scooby_loves_pooh
8/30/2015 To yak or not to yak by tuba_dude
8/31/2015 Aliens in Addison by wademercer
9/12/2015 TXGA's Lone Star Roundup 2015 by Texas Geocaching Association
9/19/2015 Geocaching 101 by fishingkitty
9/26/2015 Backwards Charlie from Austin Returns by Backwards Charlie from Austin
9/26/2015 AAB St. Jo's Isle Fall CITO by SCHMITZFAM4
9/26/2015 AAB After CITO meet and greet by SCHMITZFAM4
9/26/2015 AAB Port A @Ave G Fall '15 CITO by SCHMITZFAM4
10/10/2015 The Great Hunt of Hunt County 2 by gslink&slinkymama

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/1/2015 Angie Rocks! by randomwampole
8/1/2015 Shady Trail Tree by dbumathlete
8/1/2015 God's Willow by the_king_family
8/1/2015 Animal House by Scubafrogger
8/1/2015 Diddy Kong by Scubafrogger
8/1/2015 Valley View Cemetery South by Team-DnD
8/1/2015 Valley View Cemetery North by Team-DnD
8/1/2015 Everybody dies famous in a small town by Team-DnD
8/1/2015 No Place Like Gnome by teamchrinoda
8/1/2015 Silicone by Lilsprinkles67

Latest Trackable Items...

8/2/2015 12:00:00 PM HiDude's BTC t-shirt was placed in Geocoin Home.
8/2/2015 12:00:00 PM Alligator toes was placed in DogWood Bed and Breakfast, TB B&B.
8/2/2015 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in ZionZR2's LetterBox & TB Hotel .
8/1/2015 8:26:52 PM Starfish Geocoin was placed in Dalmation Near the Fire Station.
8/1/2015 8:26:52 PM Gone Fishin' was placed in Dalmation Near the Fire Station.
8/1/2015 8:26:52 PM A Salute to Leroy 2014 was placed in Dalmation Near the Fire Station.
8/1/2015 8:26:52 PM Webster City Express was placed in Dalmation Near the Fire Station.
8/1/2015 7:38:55 PM Geocoin was placed in Leapin' Leapord #5 Shoppin' Leapord.
8/1/2015 7:07:53 PM Casey was placed in Barrett Station TB Motel.
8/1/2015 6:22:05 PM TTFN--I'm in a race! was placed in Mrs. Hooty The Owl LetterBox.

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