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7 Souvenirs of August

Geocaching in Texas

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Events, Past and Present...

8/21/2014 First to Fudds - Welcome TeamCull to the Westside by WSFTFC
8/21/2014 ABC: End of Summer Tex-Mex by SueandRon
8/22/2014 A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boom! by amberita13
8/23/2014 If you can't join 'em, host em! by pblt & platwrangler
8/23/2014 CITO In The Canyon by 2kings&3boys
8/23/2014 East Texas Geocachers CITO In The Park by richblufkin
8/23/2014 Collegebear Goes West - Cacher Coffee by collegebear
8/23/2014 East Texas Geocacher Get Together by richblufkin
8/23/2014 Bombs Away!! by bubberdad
8/24/2014 Clatmandu's RailCaching Adventure II M&G El Paso by clatmandu
8/25/2014 DAWGS August Meet and Greet by D.A.W.G.S.
8/25/2014 Meet & Greet in College Station by drachau
8/26/2014 Almost Time for FootBALLS by 78Spitfires
8/26/2014 Back to school meet and greet by wallyel1
8/27/2014 Alien Invasion DT Houston - HOT August Days by Kirbydox
8/27/2014 Amarillo August Meet & Greet by frostiesmom, ladybuggin
8/27/2014 Birds of a feather flock together by Stephen & Sarah
8/28/2014 Geocaching Meet by TxTs
8/29/2014 Downtown Brenham Cache n Flash by VisitBrenham
8/29/2014 meet up lake Houston day 1 (rescheduled) by huffmanguy
8/29/2014 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 3.3 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
8/29/2014 Dinner with Johnny B. Denton by TerraViators
8/29/2014 Afternoon at the park. by Cache Control
8/30/2014 Lunch at the Hop by txellis
8/30/2014 August Socializer Souvenir Event/Meet & Greet by searching4you
8/30/2014 Let's Do Lunch! by Bigguy In Texas
8/30/2014 Get Your Souvenir here, and a Cold One Too. by 8Nuts MotherGoose
8/30/2014 VCN Greenbelt CITO by J27Smith and MissNinny
8/30/2014 West Side Weekend CITO by TCB
8/30/2014 Clean up the park by Cache Control
8/30/2014 Dinner and Awards for Silver Bullet Event by mommio
8/30/2014 Doughnut stop meet & greet by Whitewolf10 and TnTx5
8/30/2014 Geocaching 102: The other side of caching...hides! by juleed and green-eyed
8/30/2014 After CITO Hot Dog and SPLISH SPLASH! by MissNinny and J27Smith
8/30/2014 Greenville Area Meet & Greet by gslink&slinkymama, ceeotto, and globe walker 84
8/30/2014 Silver Bullet Event and Luncheon by mommio
8/30/2014 DGS: Grub and Grog, I made it. by Scott~and~Deb
8/30/2014 Labor Day MEET & GREET Picnic by VisitBrenham
8/31/2014 Mid-Cities Geocachers Love Procrastinators by Mid-Cities Geocaching
8/31/2014 Last Chance For The Socializer Souvi by Semper Questio
8/31/2014 ALCFS - Absolutely Last Chance For a Souvenir by Bigguy In Texas
8/31/2014 Keep Washington County Beautiful CITO by VisitBrenham
8/31/2014 Just under the wire by tisourway
8/31/2014 Sno-Cone Paradise by PandaChic
8/31/2014 7 Souvenirs - Last Chance for Socializer Souvenir by violet46
9/3/2014 22 Untested Taps by heftydude
9/4/2014 Dhaulaghiri's Geocaching Bonanza by Dhaulaghiri
9/5/2014 Chuck that Booster Seat by Cynsayshi
9/6/2014 September Eat and Greet by 98x
9/6/2014 Green-eyed sprints past 1,000!!!! by juleed
9/6/2014 Cafe Kahuna - Lone Star Roundup Planning by Chemist Kahuna
9/6/2014 TOGA Monthly Meet 'n Greet by Texoma Geocaching Association
9/7/2014 C-Ya Kahuna by Chemist Kahuna
9/8/2014 Will Cache for Food #45 by Ca$hQueen & CoolCin
9/10/2014 Aliens Invade: Island Earth Today, Uranus Tomorrow by Texas UFO Crew
9/12/2014 Kampout Karaoke, Dino Style by CallMeVelma
9/13/2014 Lone Star Roundup 2014 by Texas Geocaching Association
9/14/2014 CITO - Sauropod Sunday by Friends of Dinosaur Valley State Park
9/16/2014 Welcome To The Woodlands--Part yeolyeoseot by bubberdad
9/17/2014 Welcome to the West Side Act XXXII by Manofsteel73
9/20/2014 Abilene CITO Event (A.C.E. #04) by Love Cachers
9/24/2014 Sign of the Nines by DaxVolks
9/27/2014 Adopt-a-Beach St Jo's Isle CITO by SCHMITZFAM4
9/27/2014 Spring Creek Greenway: Fall Party at Jesse Jones by JustKeely and Team Four Paw
9/27/2014 Panhandle Geocacher Association Meet & Greet # 2 by 2kings&3boys
9/27/2014 Apopt-a-Beach CITO Port A @Ave G by SCHMITZFAM4
10/4/2014 Red Pecos Sandstone Virtual 5K by flyfshrgrl
10/4/2014 Panhandle Geocacher Association Meet & Greet # 3 by 2kings&3boys
10/11/2014 Cedar Creek Lake Geocachers Meet & Greet by Dancing_Duo
10/11/2014 Geocoinfest 2014: Houston, Texas by Space City GCF
10/12/2014 CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event by cachestacker
10/12/2014 Fall out for Fall Cito by thatdarndane
10/18/2014 SETX OctoberFest 2014 by SETX GANG
10/18/2014 Breakfast at Tiffany's 3 by zippertiff
10/19/2014 CITO at Lake Tombigbee by Woodpicker & Skipbo
10/25/2014 The Geocaching Wedding by kd solo & LLEE62
10/25/2014 Salado Creek Greenway CITO by Anteaus
10/25/2014 KD & Laurie Tyed the Knot Now Lets Party by Team-DnD
11/8/2014 November Meet & Greet by Native_Texan

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/26/2014 Captain Caveman !! by caveman2040
8/26/2014 Be Great Next by gslink&slinkymama
8/26/2014 Xena's Xylophone by carsonw
8/26/2014 Cooing in the Mesquites by
8/26/2014 175 "Finds by Owner" Challenge by TXGeoHunters
8/26/2014 cameo is cool to hide by bryghte123
8/25/2014 Krypto aka Superdog - Superheroes #5 by gslink&slinkymama
8/25/2014 Aunt Char #4 by gslink&slinkymama
8/25/2014 The Atom - Superheroes #6 by gslink&slinkymama
8/25/2014 Starr's Start by starr*

Latest Trackable Items...

8/27/2014 12:02:38 PM T-i-double guh-er was placed in Chloe's Hideaway Tree.
8/27/2014 12:02:38 PM MC3Cats Block Party Geocoin was placed in Chloe's Hideaway Tree.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Stuff & Things.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM Captain Bud $$$$ was placed in Faux Bois.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM Travel Baer go West was placed in Faux Bois.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM thecrazykat's "Mission - Collect" was placed in Faux Bois.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM Kodiak TB was placed in 8 Days of Chanukah.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM HEAVY was placed in Anna's Second LIGHTHOUSE!.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM RAMSESS was placed in Anna's Second LIGHTHOUSE!.
8/27/2014 12:00:00 PM WHEELIE was placed in Anna's Second LIGHTHOUSE!.

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