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Events, Past and Present...

4/15/2014 Welcome To The Woodlands--Part одинадцять by bubberdad
4/15/2014 Third Tuesday / Geocachers Anonymous / Eat & Greet by Cache Control & ProMed Rick
4/16/2014 Welcome to the West Side Act XXVII by Manofsteel73
4/17/2014 ABC: Springtime at Zio's by SueandRon
4/17/2014 Geocaching Meet by TxTs
4/19/2014 That's What I Like About Texas by SC11
4/19/2014 Take Two - CITO Event by jd283
4/24/2014 Mudbugs in Lewisville! - Geocaching Event by Lewisville Cachers
4/25/2014 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 2.11 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
4/25/2014 Where's Wallet Flashmob 2014 by Wallet SETX & ProMed Rick
4/26/2014 Relax and Re-Energize by TXHooligans
4/26/2014 After CITO Munch-a-Bunch by TattooBarbie
4/26/2014 Adopt-a-Beach CITO(Cole Prk/Kid's Place) by SCHMITZFAM4
4/26/2014 12th Annual CITO Event by Texoma Geocaching Association
4/26/2014 Timberlane U.D.--Sandpiper Park CITO by bubberdad
4/26/2014 2014 CITO Weekend - San Antonio Saturday Edition by Electric Water Boy
4/26/2014 CITO Cadillac Ranch 2014 by Woodnhead
4/26/2014 2014 Cache In Trash Out Weekend! by Manofsteel73
4/26/2014 2014 Earth Day New Braunfels by BulldogBlitz
4/26/2014 CITO Souvenir Weekend – Surfside Jetties by VossX2
4/26/2014 Earth Day CITO - TXGA & Plano Parks & Rec by TXGA
4/26/2014 McKinney Falls State Park CITO by TattooBarbie
4/26/2014 CITO in Sugar Land Memorial Park by DangerKitties
4/26/2014 "Cache In Trash Out" and Explore Lindsey Park by City of Tyler
4/26/2014 12th Annual CITO Event for Abilene by Love Cachers
4/26/2014 S.W.A.G.'s Ultimate Super Cooper Cleanup! by DaxVolks
4/26/2014 L*A*G April CITO by MU Jonny
4/26/2014 Old Alton Bridge CITO Event by D.A.W.G.S.
4/27/2014 CITO Weekend - Permian Basin Edition by Permian Basin Cachers Association
4/27/2014 CITO Sunday by skaterags
4/27/2014 Hill Country Geocachers-CITO EVENT by sharon133
4/27/2014 2nd Annual "Earth Day" Highway Clean-up by Central Texas Geocachers
4/27/2014 2014 CITO @ North Z. Boaz Park, Ft. Worth, Texas by Roogles!
4/27/2014 CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO by cachestacker
4/27/2014 Don't Mess with Texas April Cito by thatdarndane
4/27/2014 After CITO Event by Bigguy In Texas
4/27/2014 Pearl's Pooch (& People!) Picnic by Monhina, Quick_Sticks, and Pearl the Geo-Pup
4/27/2014 Meet and Greet-Camp Verde Store by sharon133
4/28/2014 DAWGS April Meet and Greet by D.A.W.G.S.
4/29/2014 Park & Gab: 72nd Edition by Dangerman&3olivz
4/30/2014 48 Untested Taps on the Wall by heftydude
5/3/2014 Roogles! 2014 Food Truck Park Event! by Roogles!
5/3/2014 Geocaching in the Canyon/Meet and Greet #7 by BMS56
5/5/2014 FIRST MONDAY IN BEAUMONT MAY 2014 by Bizzyb
5/6/2014 But There'z Cachez In Dallas You Haven't Found... by M.A.D. Cachers!
5/7/2014 46 Untested Taps on the Wall by heftydude
5/7/2014 Scooby Drew - We Love You! - A Celebration of Life by Monhina, Quick_Sticks, Scrappydoopup
5/9/2014 "The Race Is On" #9 by Sandbassking & Queen
5/10/2014 Spring Creek Greenway - Pundt Park Party by JustKeely
5/10/2014 Cafe Kahuna XXIV by Chemist Kahuna
5/17/2014 !! Rambetta's Regatta !! by rambetta
6/7/2014 WWFM XI - Hermann Park / Sam Houston's Statue by TAZ427
6/7/2014 WWFM XI - Fallstown Flashmob by Texoma Geocaching
6/7/2014 Geocaching in the Canyon/Meet and Greet #8 by BMS56
6/21/2014 "Splish Splash" by Sandbassking & Queen
7/4/2014 Camping and Caching and Celebrating the 4th by gsguru

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/20/2014 Shally Park by Bab371
4/19/2014 Pull Down by BMS56
4/19/2014 Easy Gold 4 by BMS56
4/18/2014 A Really Well Hidden Trail by Bigguy In Texas
4/18/2014 Aren't You Glad I Didn't Say ________? by Bigguy In Texas
4/18/2014 Welcome to Gatesville #4 by coreyayres
4/18/2014 I see Me by LtDsta33 & Nikielo
4/18/2014 My Little Nano 6 by edhag
4/18/2014 Time Killer #1 by -Scarecrow-
4/18/2014 Time Killer #2 by -Scarecrow-

Latest Trackable Items...

4/21/2014 12:00:00 PM Tissue for your issue was placed in G - GB 7 - The Travel Bug Hotel California.
4/20/2014 6:27:19 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in The Three Amigos.
4/20/2014 6:27:19 PM In the Village Four was placed in The Three Amigos.
4/20/2014 6:27:19 PM Let Freedom Ring was placed in The Three Amigos.
4/20/2014 6:18:49 PM "Long Peak (MT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug was placed in Double L21 - Bonus.
4/20/2014 6:18:49 PM Travel Bugs was placed in Double L21 - Bonus.
4/20/2014 5:32:23 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in BB's Root of all Evil cache!.
4/20/2014 5:18:58 PM Hops the Frog Travel Tag was placed in Well that's random.
4/20/2014 5:18:58 PM Maker Madness Trackable Tag was placed in Well that's random.
4/20/2014 5:08:18 PM Darth Vader was placed in Cherry Sours.

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