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Geocaching in Utah

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Events, Past and Present...

8/30/2014 Squaw Peak Lookout Point CITO by LegoLegend
9/4/2014 Tea Anyone? (#24 Home Brew) by hyperheidi
9/7/2014 Timpanogos Summit Hike 2014 by Fire Elemental
9/11/2014 Annual 9/11 Memorial A.M. Hike by UTDARCY
9/11/2014 Annual 9/11 remembrance Hike * Evening by UTDARCY
9/13/2014 Muggle Mania by chadmchris; coachodeeps
9/13/2014 Feed the Ducks! by Mr*Man & The NightFox
9/14/2014 Sunday Morning Hiking Series #63 - Lake Lackawaxen by HikingSeal
9/14/2014 The Clean up after the Party by hyperheidi
9/17/2014 Time for a visit by Princess Daisies
10/4/2014 UTAG Fall Event 2014 by Utah Association of Geocachers
10/11/2014 Stone Soup III by jones84790
10/12/2014 Sunday Morning Hiking Series #64-Wasatch Crest Tr by HikingSeal

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/30/2014 It's Cool to be Hot by greenteampk
8/30/2014 Sonic and Tails by spox31
8/28/2014 Goblin Valley Official Cache (V. 3) by Goblin Valley S.P.
8/28/2014 OOH What a Pain by werelost44
8/28/2014 Bullen Peak by docweed
8/27/2014 Johnson's Johnson by Johnson & Johnson
8/27/2014 Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man? by KanabPJs
8/27/2014 Wellsville Mentos by archie6648
8/27/2014 Green Turtle House by UsLaynes & WeberRiverMan
8/26/2014 Cottonwood Creek by werelost44

Latest Trackable Items...

8/30/2014 4:41:50 PM She Wants To Move was placed in The Oasis TB hotel.
8/30/2014 4:41:50 PM Red's Proxy Geocoin Club May 2014 was placed in The Oasis TB hotel.
8/30/2014 3:22:36 PM TRAVEL!! was placed in Quail Creek State Park: Overlook (V2).
8/30/2014 3:16:06 PM GyTte was placed in "Count Your Blessings".
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM Laughing Dragon Traveler #1 was placed in Laughing Dragon's Letterbox Hybrid.
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM Coconut was placed in Seniors & children abound..
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM Rebel Coin was placed in Pack a Lunch for the Dunes!.
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM Trapper Trails Council 'Prepared for Life' Geocoin was placed in Side of the Road #2.
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM ORGT:Judah P. Benjamin Memorial at Gamble Pantation Historic Coin 1 was placed in Gator.
8/30/2014 12:00:00 PM The Key To Victory was placed in Loyal - Cache to Eagle - TB Hotel - Letterbox.

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