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Events, Past and Present...

4/14/2014 Mondays in Manassas (Back Again) by VASteelCityGirl
4/19/2014 Spring Break Meet & Greet by Dirtyface
4/19/2014 April, 2014 Third Saturday at Cap Ale! by MaryB in Richmond
4/24/2014 AACC - Thursday April 24, 2014 by SNAP!!!
4/26/2014 Meet 'n Greet and CITO Event by Paganmen
4/26/2014 Here's to the End of...Trash! - A CITO Event by Shenandoah Valley Geocachers
4/26/2014 CITO in the Park by Rivahcntrygeocachers
4/26/2014 CITO 2014: Deep Run Park by shepster!
4/26/2014 Sassy's CITO Birthday Bash!!! by sassyinmyheart
4/26/2014 CITO 2014: DOREY PARK by oldhippie73
4/26/2014 Northside Park CITO by TLS Geocaching Club
4/26/2014 Preddy Creek Trail Park-Adopt A Highway CITO - V by fishercacher
4/26/2014 CITO- Keep Flag Rock Beautiful by biblemanrick
4/26/2014 Neabsco Road CITO by Chase Clan 2.3
4/27/2014 2014 NoVAGO Spring Event: Leesylvania by NoVAGO
4/27/2014 Sunday CITO! by Kivotos
4/28/2014 One foot in the Grave by justbeth!
4/30/2014 Here is to the End of...April by Shenandoah Valley Geocachers
5/1/2014 AACC(P)- 5/1 by Kemallor
5/10/2014 Council Meet 'N Greet by MandyElle and Council Cobras
5/10/2014 Meet and Greet for the 2014 Amazing Treasure Hunt! by RoanokeCounty
5/10/2014 Woodbridge Meet and Greet -- May 2014 by DePhogration
5/10/2014 Adventures in Caching by altbiers
5/11/2014 Picnic in Waller Mill Park by WellAwayGang
5/12/2014 Mondays in Manassas (Let the Sun Shine On!) by VASteelCityGirl
5/14/2014 Lunch Break - Let's Play Outside - Wed May 14 by huggy_d1
5/20/2014 Third Tuesday 2014-05: Hide-a-Key by Nemo Consequentia
5/24/2014 False Cape Meet & Greet by False Cape fans
5/24/2014 False Cape State Park bike adventure by False Cape bikers association
6/7/2014 2ND ANNUAL GCHR KAYAK EVENT-I love Kayaking! by The Snake Charmer
6/7/2014 WWFM - Bubbles Away! by TCsquared
6/7/2014 WWFM - Aye Matie - Kayaks Away! by Snake Charmer
6/9/2014 Mondays in Manassas (School's Out Style!) by VASteelCityGirl

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/19/2014 The Tree Amigos by ABHB703
4/19/2014 Wyatt Mountain Road...No Joke! by Team.Hepler
4/19/2014 Hammertime by geowhat0407
4/19/2014 The Golden Goose was here by TheStineTrio
4/19/2014 Cavum Bratus by -FOXTROT33-
4/18/2014 THE FOX TROT CHASE #10 (TFTC series) by -FOXTROT33-
4/18/2014 Foul Ball by CMpunk99
4/18/2014 Chasing the Treasure Trovers Down Mercury Blvd. by GrandpaGene
4/18/2014 Come find me by mcluckiern
4/18/2014 Turn on your electrolytes by Kivotos

Latest Trackable Items...

4/20/2014 2:23:24 PM 007Big's 911turbos Racer coin...Move me quick was placed in VSP Leesylvania Birding Adventure.
4/20/2014 1:33:24 PM Ohio State Gnome was placed in Battle of Yellow Tavern Series #6.
4/20/2014 12:50:07 PM Jon Vs. The Volcanoes! was placed in RM911-8 Government Property Construction.
4/20/2014 12:43:18 PM Marpeg Sheridan County, Kansas Geocoin was placed in Marpeg personal Geocoins.
4/20/2014 12:42:09 PM TB Frauke was placed in Henderson House - FCCRH.
4/20/2014 12:39:15 PM Hops the Frog Travel Tag was placed in VSP Hungry Mother Birding Adventure.
4/20/2014 12:37:25 PM SMURF: Party Planner was placed in SSB - Carlyle House Historic Park.
4/20/2014 12:15:07 PM Hair Brush was placed in Smith Run Trail #2 - Battleground.
4/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug T-shirt was placed in Unfinished Railroad (MGRR Redux).
4/20/2014 12:00:00 PM Petit Minet et son soulier rouge was placed in Dark Star Cache.

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