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Geocaching in Washington

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Events, Past and Present...

7/3/2015 GeoCache Road Trip '15 Starting Line by skibum1
7/3/2015 Geocaching Road Trip ’15 - Event by airrooster
7/3/2015 Road Trip Crew '15 Brewpub Kickoff by Prying Pandora
7/6/2015 Geo-Family Reunion by Martin 5
7/10/2015 A Midsummer Night's Meet and Greet by WSGA Southwest and verano
7/10/2015 IceCream and a Souvenir by esn911
7/11/2015 STF Saturday: July by mineral2
7/11/2015 WSGA - Puget Sound Summer Picnic by WSGA Puget Sound
7/16/2015 Eve of an Anniversary by HollyWollyOxenFree
7/18/2015 Pend Oreille County Challenge by IE Chapter WSGA
7/18/2015 Caching Family Picnic 2 by Geeky Gal
7/18/2015 2015 Battle Ground Geocoin Challenge Kickoff by riversfamily
7/19/2015 DiMonkey's Hawaii Five-O Celebration by DiMonkey
7/22/2015 Memories of Zenkitty by ohjoy! with TRACYTOM and JacksonClan
8/1/2015 2015 WSGA Summer Campout by PS Chapter WSGA/Olympic Peninsula Chapter
8/1/2015 Geocaching Road Trip ’15 - CITO by IE Chapter WSGA
8/5/2015 CITO #8 - North Seattle Cleanup by Frau Potter
8/8/2015 Ballinger Park CITO by JC
8/8/2015 2015 San Juan Island Geocaching Adventure by 1hugh
8/8/2015 "Spokache" Spokane Geo Tour Kick Off Event by CacheAdvanceGEOTOUR
8/10/2015 Block Party or Bust by airrooster
8/11/2015 A Pizza The Action by M'sgirl58, Em Space, & Hyak '82
8/11/2015 Snoqualmie Soiree by purplecourgette & Dirtyrat27
8/11/2015 Leprechaun's Zen by CelticGuardian
8/12/2015 Ride Bikes! Burke-Gilman Trail by gsbarnes
8/12/2015 Meet and greet with the Norwegians on tour by avigerus og kona
8/12/2015 Share a fare by yxza
8/13/2015 A Pint Among Friends - 2015 Edition by Keg Squad
8/14/2015 2015 Geocaching International Film Festival by Geocaching HQ
8/16/2015 Going Ape 2015 by Washington State Geocaching Association
8/16/2015 XXX Rootbeer: Wind down to the 50's by Chevy57
8/18/2015 Mmm...burgers by JC
8/21/2015 Sasquan 2015 by Lookout Lisa
8/22/2015 Pokey Plodders Get Their Goat by Pokey Plodders
9/7/2015 Hello World! - Seattle by ZaNaBoZa

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/4/2015 Coulee Serenity by MrSoupDad
7/3/2015 In the rough at hole 11 by atomic2002
7/3/2015 The Rotary Pavilion by eburgfrodo
7/3/2015 alacrity by Oolongpie
7/2/2015 2015 UCCF "Welcome To Kettle Falls Visitor Center" by UCCF GeoCache
7/2/2015 2015 UCCF "Welcome To KF Historical Center" by UCCF GeoCache
7/2/2015 2015 UCCF "Welcome To Log Flume" by UCCF GeoCache
7/2/2015 2015 UCCF "Welcome To Growden" by UCCF GeoCache
7/2/2015 Bermuda Triangle by 3AtomicRascals
7/2/2015 Pam's Silver Bullet by JackPenny

Latest Trackable Items...

7/5/2015 12:43:44 PM CrazyFish Orange was placed in Like a Newbie.....Caching for the very first time!.
7/5/2015 12:31:07 PM Czech hockey open air game Pardubice 2011 was placed in X-ray Control, Viper56 Authenticates "Charlie".
7/5/2015 12:29:50 PM DH Buccaneer was placed in XMAS CACHE BUG DROP.
7/5/2015 12:27:04 PM TheGrundalows' Midwest Geobash 2013 T-shirt was placed in WaStatePks100: Lake Sammamish.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM annalotta33's Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht Geocoin was placed in Geocache.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Landsharkz' Cornwall Geocoin was placed in Abandoned Amphitheatre.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Stella Heifer. No relation to Hugh was placed in DonkeyPond Falls.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in DonkeyPond Falls.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM annalotta33's Dexter Geocoin was placed in Geocaching Headquarters.
7/5/2015 12:00:00 PM annalotta33's EU 2013 Geocoin was placed in Mt. Margaret Trail Head.

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