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Events, Past and Present...

7/29/2015 Week 33 in Chula Vista July 29th by trixxster
7/30/2015 We Challenge You to Come Out In This Heat! by JoyfulNomad (LDNomad and BeJoyful)
7/31/2015 FMR July 31 2015 The Blue Moon by West End Geocachers
7/31/2015 Bird Park CITO by Jubeloh
7/31/2015 Biking Bling by OCamera
8/1/2015 High Sierra Meet and Greet by CLS crew
8/1/2015 GC Blockparty here we come... by mgallinatti
8/1/2015 Star Wars Puzzle Rally, Episode II: The Kessel Run by The West End Galactic Federation
8/1/2015 Puzzle Rally Award Ceremony and BBQ by The West End Galactic Federation
8/1/2015 2015 North County Home Run Derby Post-Game Event by düg
8/1/2015 Wake up and smell the Coffee Mos Eisley!! by Obi-Wan Kenobi
8/1/2015 Detention Level Garbage Masher by CraigsOutside
8/1/2015 + Dog Daze of Summer - Lexy CITO + by Sirius The Dog Star
8/1/2015 Ep. II: Flash-Frozen-in-Carbonite Mob by wraavr
8/1/2015 TB's Headed North to the last Block Party!!! by Sandy Bandy
8/2/2015 Geocaching Road Trip '15 CITO SC by weBcruzn
8/2/2015 COFFEE BEFORE THE CITO by weBcruzn
8/3/2015 T5 Road Trip '15 Flashmob by ojait
8/3/2015 South Bay Meet & Greet by lisabernadette
8/4/2015 HDGC/VVGC Get-Together #4 by High Desert Geocachers
8/4/2015 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches VIII by RoxieMama & prinlita
8/5/2015 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #107 by Fixated Cache Addicts
8/5/2015 It's Time for Pizza by barlone87
8/5/2015 Week 34 in Chula Vista (August 5, 2015) by trixxster
8/6/2015 Lunch In McEnery Park - Violet, Dandelion, Daisy by CKayaks
8/6/2015 SF Geocaching Happy Hour- Red Wine & White Sauce by Mickey4jes
8/8/2015 Coffee and Cachers by FresnoCachingSociety
8/8/2015 Outrageous Chilling @ Triunfo by Deth2Muggles & Ravis411
8/9/2015 Conejo Cachers Coffee at The Oaks by Conejo Cachers - Studio Medical - Powder Pixie
8/9/2015 Twofer One Sunday! by TheDaryl&MelissaShow
8/11/2015 BBqD FROGS in Kennedy Park by F.R.O.G.S
8/12/2015 Prelude to a Star Party ⭐ Dress for Night Comfort by Seek2FindMe
8/12/2015 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #67 by SFVGeocachers
8/12/2015 Presidio Picnic 2 by oesteado
8/12/2015 Week 35 in Chula Vista (August 12, 2015) by trixxster
8/15/2015 A V Geocachers Meet & Greet #14 by AV Geocachers
8/15/2015 North vs South Super Soaker Showdown # 8 by calkids
8/15/2015 Juniper Canyon Environmental Project CITO by 1527B
8/15/2015 Rat & Mushroom's Eighth Pay Back Event by Rat & Mushroom
8/15/2015 Int'l Geocaching Day - San Diego!!! V by philipwillbe1
8/17/2015 IE Meet and Greet #52 by stevowert
8/17/2015 Al & Stu's Excellent Adventure : TB's 'n' Burgers by Sixxdog_UK & StuartHowe11
8/18/2015 Hello from Walt Disney World! by disneyfan1313
8/18/2015 Happy Birthday, AlohAJ! by West End Geocachers
8/19/2015 Welcome to a screamin' 1 hour CITO by KEMBORG
8/19/2015 The Big Event: Soule's 1000 Landmark Find by West End Geocachers
8/19/2015 come by car or truck but come to YC M &G #88 by rubberpaws
8/20/2015 Lunch In McEnery Park - Green Day "American Idiot" by CKayaks
8/20/2015 Meet the Norwegians - thomfre in San Francisco by thomfre & Heltinnen
8/20/2015 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #26 by DNF Hound
8/22/2015 Black Oak Springs Trail rehab part deux by brentnlaurie
8/22/2015 Neato CITO in Lompoc by Riansoccer10
8/22/2015 Hot August Night by Lil Devil and Angel
8/22/2015 BBQ at an Awesome Park by TheSeaRhinoceros
8/24/2015 Oracle? Terrible Monday in My Comfort Zone by kanchan
8/24/2015 Riverside Geocachers Meet & Greet #1 by heatherisninja
8/26/2015 Not too late by geodarts
8/29/2015 CITO - Historic Grant Ranch House by CKayaks
8/29/2015 The Hills Have A Cito by CachingRednecks
8/31/2015 Xpecting Gold in September? Title Turtle Valley! by kanchan
9/1/2015 mgallinatti's 20th birthday Potluck by mgallinatti
9/4/2015 It's Friday! Before you disappear for the weekend by CKayaks
9/8/2015 F.R.O.G.S. 6th Annual Hoppin' Upvalley! by zx6team
9/12/2015 Don _ J's hill-trail CITO by lightningstar
9/12/2015 RCGDS Presents The September 11th Event V by 911-BrownFamily & NightKnight
9/19/2015 Avast! More Pirates in Santa Cruz! by Cachebeard the Pirate
9/19/2015 Yolo Geo Rally 2015 [YGR1500] by YGR2015 Rallymasters
9/30/2015 Hello World! - San Francisco by ZaNaBoZa
10/11/2015 CITO surrounded by birds - WARBIRDS by MAC
10/18/2015 I Now Pronounce You, WildBandy!!! by WildBandy

Latest Caches Hidden...

8/4/2015 Who needs implants by IndiaandJade
8/4/2015 Back to the roots by IndiaandJade
8/4/2015 San Clemente Wetlands - Hydrology by bluesnote
8/4/2015 rocky richland road by skye126
8/4/2015 Trees by jt_craft
8/4/2015 Ink This Pink by PaperCoversRock
8/4/2015 Bear-ly hidden by PaperCoversRock
8/4/2015 She loves me, she loves me not by PaperCoversRock
8/4/2015 Pine Nuts by trootyturtle
8/3/2015 South Fork Trail 12 by Yosemite John and Debbie

Latest Trackable Items...

8/4/2015 7:03:31 PM Chris's Travel Fish Geocoin was placed in Come Sail Away.
8/4/2015 6:40:11 PM MARIO was placed in Brady & Hudson 2.
8/4/2015 6:32:05 PM Travel Compass by was placed in Golf Ball Street.
8/4/2015 4:51:28 PM Cache was placed in St. Ignatius of Loyola.
8/4/2015 4:17:19 PM Learning Tangent was placed in Thank You, Baardaasvoel.
8/4/2015 3:29:04 PM Clrtolnd's personal geo-backpack was placed in At The End of Ocean Avenue.
8/4/2015 3:29:04 PM psychovw's 2011 Geowoodstock Official IX Geocoin was placed in At The End of Ocean Avenue.
8/4/2015 2:27:34 PM Tag's Community Volunteer Travel Tag was placed in 8 Feet West and in the Corner.
8/4/2015 2:01:54 PM Antje & Schlüter was placed in 4 Corners Tracking Bug Hotel.
8/4/2015 1:44:26 PM MATT's Bug was placed in Toys.

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