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Events, Past and Present...

11/21/2015 Rat and Mushroom's Before The Snowflies Event by Rat & Mushroom
11/21/2015 2nd Annual Pie Social by Seasquirrel3 & AJoy2Teach
11/21/2015 A V Geocachers Meet & Greet #17 by AV Geocachers
11/21/2015 Chasing the Son by Lulybelle
11/23/2015 Riverside Geocachers Meet & Greet #4 by heatherisninja
11/24/2015 ~ SCV Geo Meet & Greet #8 ~ by Enchantingly Wild
11/25/2015 FMR November 2015 by West End Geocachers
11/25/2015 Week 50 in Chula Vista ( November 25, 2015) by trixxster
11/25/2015 Breakfast or Coffee - Day before Thanksgiving III by HiDude_98
11/26/2015 HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2015: Gold Star, sir Joe by KEMBORG
11/28/2015 Taft Shooter's Challenge 2015 by elrojo14
11/28/2015 Bad Santa is Coming to YOUR Town event by Bad Santa
11/28/2015 Three down, one more to go! by 007bookworm
11/30/2015 Amador Police Joe Gold Kicks Eyes in Los Angeles by kanchan
11/30/2015 It's My Birthday And I'll FTF If I Want To!!! by Sandy Bandy
12/1/2015 VVGC Get-Together #8 by NF5
12/1/2015 Cachin' All The Way Holiday Party by Virgojams, Lindyfind, RV CREW, Nicoletech
12/2/2015 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #111 by Fixated Cache Addicts
12/2/2015 Week 51 in Chula Vista (December 2, 2015) by trixxster
12/4/2015 SC's Bday Bash With The Wild Things by StealthCowboy & CachingRedNecks
12/5/2015 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Part 9 by Webfoot
12/5/2015 RCGeocachers 4th Annual Gift Exchange Potluck by catsimmie & this2shalpas
12/6/2015 Coffee on December 6th by running_bears
12/6/2015 CVG Holidaze Party by bukibear and nevadanick
12/6/2015 'Tis the Season...for UGLY SWEATERS! by Micro-Owls
12/8/2015 Quiet Joe in Santa Barbara Eyes Lucky Gold Home by kanchan
12/8/2015 A Happy Hopping F.R.O.G.S. Christmas III by 4Woodys
12/8/2015 Lunch In The Park #2 Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch by Geokashers
12/8/2015 Temecula Valley Holiday Lights Flash Mob by RoxieMama
12/9/2015 Starlight Circle Holiday Revelry III by Night Hunter
12/9/2015 Week 52 in Chula Vista (December 9th, 2015) by trixxster
12/9/2015 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #71 by SFVGeocachers
12/12/2015 KCC Non-Traditional Cache Contest Awards Event by elrojo14
12/12/2015 RCGDS: Geocacher Got Run Over By a Reindeer by Santa's Little Helpers
12/12/2015 Santa Cache Needs Cookies- Holiday CookieMob by Mickey4jes
12/12/2015 CITO: Gaviota State Parks Trail Maintenance Day by gsmX2 and the OVC
12/13/2015 Holland meets San Francisco by rtwee
12/13/2015 11th Annual Christmas Lights Geo-Walk by Team Reid
12/14/2015 rtwee goes Silicon Valley by rtwee
12/15/2015 Joe Diamond Weighs Gold Eyes of Lucky Monkey by kanchan
12/16/2015 Christmas Card Lane: I take the Fifth by Silver Horde
12/16/2015 Merry Christmas Yuba City, #92 by rubberpaws
12/17/2015 2015 HOLIDAY FLASH MOB by silly_one_75
12/17/2015 4th Ukiah Holiday Gift Exchange by MendoCR3W
12/17/2015 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #30 by DNF Hound
12/18/2015 A Legendary Pre-GeoWoodstock 14er - 2016 Event! by 11bnbjna11
12/21/2015 Mt. Hamilton or Shasta? Joe Diamond's Gold Eye by kanchan
12/22/2015 Meet and greet the Swedes by Fam_Olsson
12/31/2015 Wa11acew's 11:11 Birthday New Year's Eve Bash by Itsjoma
12/31/2015 Good-Bye 2015 CITO - Bay Trail by A Geocacher of the Bay Area
12/31/2015 Last Smiley of the Year Meet & Greet by catsimmie
1/1/2016 Hello 2016 - Baylands Trail CITO by A Geocacher of the Bay Area
1/1/2016 New Year, New Smiley Meet & Greet by catsimmie
1/5/2016 Humboldt's Lonely Monkey in Joe's Magenta Eyes by kanchan
1/10/2016 Namaste CITO-Day by Nama'sTeam
1/12/2016 Joe's Gold Eyes See Blizzard in Mariposa Ranch by kanchan

Latest Caches Hidden...

11/26/2015 Green Friday! Secret Trailhead - Upper Fall Creek by MaoMaoChong de Jia
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Are We There Yet? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Stuffing? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Vegetables? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Salads? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Pie? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving 2015 Turkey? by Floragaard
11/26/2015 Taryam: Gobble Gobble by yamjerky
11/26/2015 DeltaLost&Found by ZoeyBaby13
11/26/2015 DeltaBaggageClaim by NorCalDC

Latest Trackable Items...

11/27/2015 12:00:00 PM MAT was placed in Lord of the Rings.
11/27/2015 12:00:00 PM familyseekers5 Hampton Roads 11th Annual Picnic Geocoin II was placed in SMF TB Hotel.
11/27/2015 12:00:00 PM BOO-mer The Ghost Travel Tag was placed in SMF TB Hotel.
11/27/2015 12:00:00 PM The Headless Horseman Travel Tag was placed in SMF TB Hotel.
11/27/2015 12:00:00 PM Luck Of The Irish was placed in A shot at love.
11/27/2015 10:58:55 AM 15 year coin was placed in GT1417-Sunset Kids Tree.
11/27/2015 10:44:44 AM Ralph was placed in A Step above the rest.
11/27/2015 10:36:00 AM Hover the Hummingbird was placed in End of the Road.
11/27/2015 9:14:47 AM JHendu's 9/11 Memorial Coin was placed in Silver Goose Refuge.
11/27/2015 9:14:47 AM Bellingham or Bust was placed in Silver Goose Refuge.

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