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Events, Past and Present...

9/30/2015 Week 42 in Chula Vista (Sept 30, 2015) by trixxster
10/3/2015 Oh WOW! We are going to Anaheim! by running_bears
10/3/2015 Another BBQ in an Awesome Park by TheSeaRhinoceros
10/3/2015 Wake up and smell the Coffee Part 7 by Webfoot
10/3/2015 CHILLA with the KILLA by KILLA
10/3/2015 Rancho Los Nietos Meet & Greet! #7 by spyxyz
10/4/2015 That's A Big 10-4 There Good Buddy! by DragonsWest
10/6/2015 Ventura Sailor Joe December Eyes Bucket of Gold by kanchan
10/6/2015 VVGC Get-Together #6 by Victor Valley Geocachers
10/6/2015 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (10) by prinlita
10/7/2015 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #109 by Fixated Cache Addicts
10/7/2015 Week 43 in Chula Vista (October 7th, 2015) by trixxster
10/8/2015 Lunch In McEnery Park - Completely Exhausted by CKayaks
10/10/2015 The GO! Team is Coming to Town (Anaheim Edition) by The GO! Team
10/10/2015 History, Architecture and Geocoins in Vallejo? by VHGT Team
10/11/2015 CITO surrounded by birds - WARBIRDS by MAC
10/11/2015 Somewhere East of Java VI by DragonsWest
10/11/2015 Stonewall Peak Challenge by jcfca
10/13/2015 Eye Love Sun Devils & Joe Kicks Gold in San Diego by kanchan
10/13/2015 Burgers, Burgers, and F.R.O.G.S by CACory
10/13/2015 FREE GIFTS FROM THE TRUNK OF BASSO by bassocantor
10/14/2015 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #69 by SFVGeocachers
10/14/2015 Lunch In McEnery Park - EZ Tomato Weigh by CKayaks
10/14/2015 Week 44 in Chula Vista (October 14, 2015) by trixxster
10/15/2015 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #28 by DNF Hound
10/17/2015 COSCA's 25th Annual Trail Work Day by Ventura County Cachers
10/17/2015 Cool Mornin' & EZ Cachin' Day by CarlottaP
10/17/2015 KCSearcher is now part of the 5 digit club by mgallinatti
10/17/2015 A V Geocachers Meet & Greet #16 by AV Geocachers
10/18/2015 I Now Pronounce You, WildBandy!!! by WildBandy
10/18/2015 Festivus 8ctubrius: The Ocho by forestmanjoo
10/18/2015 Event: Dutch Treat – Liquorice by Team Omam
10/20/2015 XIS by kanchan
10/20/2015 Early morning meet and greet by DerLakaiMS
10/20/2015 Hello from france by LechercheurLensois
10/21/2015 Back to the Future Time Travel Event by Ginny & Stevecat
10/21/2015 The Day Marty McFly Arrives in the Future by gsmX2 and the OVC event planning committee
10/21/2015 Welcome Back To The Future by H2O KLAN
10/21/2015 Back to the Future Day! by CraigsOutside
10/23/2015 Eat, Drink & Be Scary Halloween'y Party - Take Two by Wicked 2160 Estate
10/24/2015 Simi Valley Wildlife Corridor CITO Event by GoinHikin
10/24/2015 Zombie Walk in the Park! by The Cryptid Crew
10/24/2015 Second Annual North County Cachers Costume Ball by North County Cachers
10/25/2015 Trail of Horror by Larry the pool guy
10/26/2015 IE Meet and Greet #54 by stevowert
10/27/2015 UFO by kanchan
10/27/2015 Dinner at Q III by Jubeloh
10/27/2015 FMR - October 27 2015 by Dead End Zombies
10/27/2015 Hawks are in America - L.A. by Harold's Hawks
10/28/2015 Lunch In McEnery Park - Redwood Heaven by CKayaks
10/31/2015 Halloween Cup of Witches Brew by running_bears
11/1/2015 All Hallows' Night Terror by Micro-Owls
11/2/2015 El Dorado Native Quiet Joe Finds Bucket of Gold by kanchan
11/7/2015 13th Annual GeoOcotillo Campout by Campout Crew
11/7/2015 Tour de Coachella Valley by Team de Tour
11/7/2015 Taft's Geocaching International Film Festival Show by elrojo14
11/14/2015 RCGDS Discovery in November Event by Papa EGTH
11/14/2015 LM Urban Trails Block Party, Contest End & TB Swap by City of La Mesa
11/14/2015 Come meet the Rednecks! by ElJako98
11/16/2015 Joe Sailor Eyes Bucket of Gold in San Bernardino by kanchan
11/16/2015 IE Meet and Greet #55 by stevowert
11/28/2015 Taft Shooter's Challenge 2015 by elrojo14
12/12/2015 KCC Non-Traditional Cache Contest Awards Event by elrojo14
12/13/2015 Holland meets San Francisco by rtwee
12/14/2015 rtwee goes Silicon Valley by rtwee

Latest Caches Hidden...

10/4/2015 Just another Park N' Grab! by KeysUnlocked
10/4/2015 Journey to the Crossroads 2 by Ullii
10/4/2015 Pull my finger 2 by lindyfind
10/4/2015 #2 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #3 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #4 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #5 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #6 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #7 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle
10/4/2015 #8 P&P Bling The City Series by Pirate & Poodle

Latest Trackable Items...

10/5/2015 2:00:00 AM My Personal Geocoin was placed in Stargazer's GeoCache #3.
10/5/2015 12:00:10 AM MOUNTAINEER BACKROADER was placed in The Star of Elements #1 - SPIRIT.
10/4/2015 8:55:35 PM Round Tuit Geocoin was placed in Santa Monica Travel Bug Hotel.
10/4/2015 8:25:04 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in A Visitors Stay 2.
10/4/2015 6:20:18 PM There and back again was placed in Fortuosity.
10/4/2015 5:36:45 PM Carem38 - CA & Rem en voyage was placed in The Ultimate Lamppost Adventure!.
10/4/2015 5:18:24 PM Leroy was placed in Happy Birthday!.
10/4/2015 4:46:38 PM Alchrimag's TdW was placed in Marx Meadow.
10/4/2015 4:23:49 PM Bill Hinzman was placed in CLD TB Terminal: Arrivals & Departures.
10/4/2015 4:23:18 PM Stubborn was placed in Picnic at Jack's Pond.

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