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Events, Past and Present...

9/17/2014 Yuba City M&G #77 (50 miles west of Bear Valley) by retiredprof
9/17/2014 The Breakfast Club by Mickey4jes
9/17/2014 Coastal Meet & Greet by 10 Cachingpaws & chiefryback
9/18/2014 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #15 by Geocaching: SGV
9/20/2014 CITO - Chesbro Reservoir by CKayaks
9/20/2014 Cache Creek CITO by HockeyHiker19
9/20/2014 AV Geocachers Meet and Greet #3 by RoombaCats
9/20/2014 Yosemite Smores and More !!!! by A Team Adventures
9/20/2014 Goodbye to Summer Weenie Roast Geo Event by Seasquirrel3 and AJoy2Teach
9/20/2014 GBA: Meet, Greet ☺, Apricot/Peach/Melon/Plum Salad by Time_for_a_break
9/20/2014 TIREd of JAIL Flashmob by catsimmie
9/21/2014 If you're going to San Francisco by chiefryback & 10 Cachingpaws
9/21/2014 Yosemite Fall VIP CITO Weekend 2014 by A Team Adventures
9/21/2014 1 of the Most Amazing Beginner Geocaches-CA by Tattletales, PAVEIT, and Mockteam
9/22/2014 Loitering In a Parking Lot #1 - MV by s.f.g.
9/23/2014 Meet and Greet Montana Cacher by Rainnstar
9/23/2014 Lunch with the folks by kawikaturn
9/27/2014 Flash Mob to Meet OrchardCityKitchen -wear Peach! by Storyhaven and OrchardCityKitchen
9/27/2014 YOLO GEO RALLY...CITO by BeachBums!
9/27/2014 National Public Lands Day 2014: Carrizo Plain by elrojo14
9/27/2014 150th Anniversary Meet and Greet and Trail Ride by Ocotillo_Wells
9/27/2014 Yolo Geo Rally 2014 (YGR1400) by YGR2014 Rallymasters
9/27/2014 9/2014 5K 1001 Days & Knights, Bucket of Joe Req. by hotshoe
9/27/2014 Early AM Flash Mob – Wear Purple, Scarlet, or Gray by Storyhaven
9/28/2014 Wishing bon scott a "See Ya Soon..." by The Fat Cats
9/28/2014 Tahoe Library Coalition CITO by IVStaff
9/30/2014 Pirate Plunder & Brew Event by Mt.Shasta Cachers
9/30/2014 Lunch In McEnery Park - Tangerines or Plums by CKayaks
9/30/2014 Dog Scout Troop #229 Park Potluck by Star Herders
9/30/2014 OVC Meet and Greet #1 by gsmX2
10/1/2014 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #97 by Fixated Cache Addicts
10/2/2014 Almost Friday! Tangerines or Watermelons by CKayaks
10/4/2014 Devil's Puchbowl EarthCache Virtual 5K Send-Off by TerryDad2
10/4/2014 Disneyland GEOcache event - red by eggzie
10/4/2014 Red Ryder's 70th Birthday !!! by BoydChicks
10/5/2014 A Dog Day Afternoon: Geopup Meet & Greet Oct 2014 by RuzNuz & Six
10/5/2014 Somewhere East of Java IV by DragonsWest
10/7/2014 City of Thousand Oaks 50th Anniversary by nbw4444
10/7/2014 Lunch In McEnery Park - Mahogany or Tan Oak Stumps by CKayaks
10/8/2014 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #57 by SFVGeocachers
10/8/2014 Full Moon Rising: October 2014 by West End Geocachers
10/9/2014 Almost Friday! Periwinkle Watermelon Whine by CKayaks
10/11/2014 Murphys Meet N Greet event by DMagalhaes
10/11/2014 Oktoberfest II: An RCGDS Event by Team Pluto
10/11/2014 More Smore's & Hot Diggity's by Crz4gd
10/12/2014 CITO AND a 5k? You're gonna need some coffee by ecrane
10/12/2014 An EarthCache Day CITO and optional 5k by LostSailRs
10/12/2014 International Earth Cache Peach Plum Almond Danish by eggzie
10/12/2014 International EarthCache Aquamarine Goldenrod CITO by eggzie
10/12/2014 P&P Series Event by Pirate & Poodle
10/12/2014 P&P's Return Of The Salmon Flash Mob by Pirate & Poodle
10/13/2014 RCGeocachers October Meet & Greet by catsimmie
10/18/2014 Tricks ‘n Treats Flash Mob by q22q17, H2O KLAN, 1849, crawil
10/25/2014 They're BACK ... by Coachella Valley Geocachers
10/25/2014 Simi Valley Wildlife Corridor CITO Event by GoinHikin
10/25/2014 The Moose is Running Loose by gsmX2
10/26/2014 Xtreme Pumpkin Carving Xtravaganza by The Creative Carver
10/28/2014 F.R.O.G.S. Eat, Drink & Be Scary Halloween'y Party by Wicked F.R.O.G.S. Estate
10/31/2014 West Hills Haunted House Version 2.0 by The Residents of Estate Collection of West Hills
11/5/2014 Geocaching Happy Hour in San Francisco by Mickey4jes
11/10/2014 RCGeocachers November Meet & Greet by catsimmie
11/22/2014 12th Annual GeoOcotillo Campout by Campout Crew
11/22/2014 Taft Shooter's Challenge 2014 by elrojo14

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/23/2014 Work of Art by The North Star
9/23/2014 On the Road to Bear Valley by Grizzly Adams
9/23/2014 How Do I Love Thee? by E.B. Browning
9/23/2014 Indigo Bunting by R.T. Peterson
9/23/2014 Big Old Oak by G.W. Carver and Luther Burbank
9/22/2014 Flying Trio by condor man
9/22/2014 FOUL BALL by His2
9/22/2014 Take me out to the ball game by His2
9/22/2014 another cache by ryan9728
9/22/2014 Back To The Future by heartagrim86

Latest Trackable Items...

9/23/2014 5:18:37 PM CajunReaper's Coin was placed in Root for the Broncos.
9/23/2014 3:38:48 PM Watermelon Lover was placed in WarNinjas Pier 39 Cache!.
9/23/2014 3:27:28 PM Yea! It's a FTF Micro Coin was placed in MARS ROVER - RETURN TO ORBIT.
9/23/2014 3:23:15 PM Houston Geocaching Society Geocoin was placed in Pipe Me Poi.
9/23/2014 3:15:44 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in N.N.I.M.B.Y..
9/23/2014 2:34:14 PM Love Bug-Lamesa Leather was placed in Return to Hamburger Hill.
9/23/2014 1:45:15 PM B B Gone was placed in California Gold TB Hotel.
9/23/2014 1:21:35 PM Fla. Rattle Bug was placed in Found Him .
9/23/2014 1:15:11 PM Slugger was placed in On the trail of a cache.
9/23/2014 12:36:57 PM Dutch FTF Cliff coin was placed in Summertime Activities!.

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