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Geocaching in Wisconsin

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Events, Past and Present...

4/16/2014 April Geo-Birthday BaSh by Mr. & Mrs. Ecorangers
4/24/2014 CITO is the Way to Go by swamphog
4/26/2014 8th Annual Appleton Parks & Fox River CITO by seldom|seen
4/26/2014 E-S Bike Trail 2nd annual Spring Fling Cito by MASKinWI
4/26/2014 La Crosse River Bike Trail CITO Event by kc9gbo Wisundevil
4/26/2014 CITO Union Grove by dadsgps
4/26/2014 Operation Clean Sweep by spammela
4/26/2014 Earth Day CITO Event by muddajay
4/26/2014 Grundy Canyon Event by Team Northwoods
4/26/2014 Harrington Arbor Day CITO 2014 by Tmskquilt
4/26/2014 10 YEARS OF GEOCACHING FUN by f-trup
4/26/2014 Grundy Canyon CITO by Team Northwoods
4/26/2014 Mukwonago County Park - CITO by Sevencards
4/26/2014 2014 WGA Spring Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup CITO by Wisconsin Geocaching Association
4/27/2014 CITO Event at Sheridan Park- Earth Day 2014 by wisjanine, Boulder7, livingtoplay, oregonjohn, PoC
5/7/2014 Evento Di Pizza E Birra by Smashing Ground
5/7/2014 May Geo-Birthday BaSh by Mr. & Mrs. Ecorangers
5/10/2014 WGA 2014 Spring Campout by Wisconsin Geocaching Association
5/17/2014 Muscoda Morel Festival Geocaching Forage by gary/dawn
5/24/2014 Lake Wissota GeoFest by zuma!
6/7/2014 WWFM XI : Putt Putt Zoom by mmswift
6/8/2014 Nada Cache Dash IV (5K Walk/Run) by ThePharmGirl
6/14/2014 Road Rally 6-14-14 by The Oles
6/21/2014 Meet & Greet in Appleton - June 2014 by RJ McKenzie

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/19/2014 Pinehurst Ski Hill - redo by comkelp
4/18/2014 Some Bunny Loves You! by Chocolate Bunny
4/18/2014 Baxterville by kitmore
4/18/2014 Turkey Talk by kitmore
4/18/2014 Nearly under the I by kitmore
4/18/2014 Apple River by garbelisle
4/18/2014 An electrifying view by Lange Gang
4/18/2014 Rutland Cemetery WSQ by jhawkey
4/18/2014 Cliff-side view of Half Moon by yoopsconsin
4/18/2014 Rabbit by yoopsconsin

Latest Trackable Items...

4/19/2014 6:28:46 PM Maker Madness Trackable Tag was placed in Waupun and Beyond.
4/19/2014 4:31:05 PM 2008 Evil Mischief Geocoin was placed in Ten Years of Cheese.
4/19/2014 4:00:00 PM TE's Dreamcatcher was placed in Old Cemeteries - Teegarden.
4/19/2014 2:32:52 PM We Care Project LED-Sled was placed in WSQ SOUTH GROVE.
4/19/2014 2:27:48 PM Andrea's Angel was placed in Hole in One Travel Bug Hotel.
4/19/2014 1:24:02 PM Flint was placed in Grandpa's Bluff.
4/19/2014 1:12:10 PM Fish Eagle's Tempting The Fates Coin (USA) was placed in Fort Crawford.
4/19/2014 1:10:20 PM Joe's Classic Car TB was placed in Pacawa Cars .
4/19/2014 1:10:20 PM Pookahbears's Race Car was placed in Pacawa Cars .
4/19/2014 1:10:20 PM Hemi Cuda was placed in Pacawa Cars .

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