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Geocaching in Wisconsin

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Events, Past and Present...

1/24/2015 Rock'n the Ice by Scribble Scribe
1/25/2015 HCH's 8th Annual Not so Super Sunday Event by Hayward Cheezehead
2/4/2015 February Geo-Anniversary BaSh by Ecorangers
2/5/2015 Puzzlers' Ball: kungfuhippie by kungfuhippie
2/9/2015 9 Feb 2015 by Szirk
2/14/2015 2nd Annual Snowshoeing at the Chippewa Moraine Rec by Team Northwoods
2/15/2015 2015 Post BATB CITO by lostcheq
2/22/2015 2015 Post-Birkie Flash Mob by lostcheq
3/4/2015 March Geo-Anniversary BaSh by Ecorangers
3/14/2015 National Pi Day 2015 by marc_54140
3/14/2015 Breakfast Pi, 3.1415926535 by Da Bloodhound & Mama Kat

Latest Caches Hidden...

1/23/2015 Emmeline Cook 2.0 by Historynuts
1/23/2015 Dale School by Historynuts
1/22/2015 Acorn Weevil by Team Northwoods
1/22/2015 TNBL: Squaw Bay by Team Northwoods
1/22/2015 Lea Lake Road by Team Northwoods
1/21/2015 Going North on the IAT by Spike007
1/21/2015 Basalt Outcropping on the IAT by Spike007
1/21/2015 Open Woodland on the IAT by Spike007
1/21/2015 Why Are There So Many Holes in the Trees? by Spike007
1/21/2015 Boulder Valley by Spike007

Latest Trackable Items...

1/26/2015 12:20:03 PM Generic Travel Bug was placed in T.O.M. Quarry Woods.
1/26/2015 12:00:00 PM Smokey Bear Geocoin was placed in Sweetlife's Coin Bucket.
1/26/2015 12:00:00 PM Scotland Flag Tag was placed in WSQ Norwegian Church.
1/26/2015 12:00:00 PM Mario & Yoshi was placed in Labyrinthine.
1/26/2015 11:43:43 AM Travel Bug Hagro was placed in T.O.M. Deep into the Thicket.
1/26/2015 11:43:43 AM Travel Dolphin Geocoin was placed in T.O.M. Deep into the Thicket.
1/26/2015 9:01:34 AM For those about to rock was placed in Welcome to Green County!.
1/25/2015 4:31:32 PM Scruffie was placed in Make A Run For The Border TB Exchange.
1/25/2015 3:13:52 PM Kiki's TB Dog Tag was placed in Mom & Me's 1st Cache.
1/25/2015 2:43:36 PM Missouri Monarch was placed in A Scouters Treasure Box.

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