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Geocaching in Wisconsin

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Events, Past and Present...

2/26/2015 Burgers & Beverages Meet & Greet by Trekkin' and birdin'
3/4/2015 March Geo-Anniversary BaSh by Ecorangers
3/14/2015 National Pi Day 2015 by marc_54140
3/14/2015 Breakfast Pi, 3.1415926535 by Da Bloodhound & Mama Kat
3/14/2015 Ultimate Pi Day 3.1415 @3.1415pm by Grretta
3/14/2015 Pi by Day but Moonlit Snowshoeing by Night by Team Northwoods
3/14/2015 Pi Day in Madison - World Wide Multi Event by Lord Cadogan
3/14/2015 Is it Pi or Pie by denise&john
3/14/2015 A Slice of Pi in Cashton by Trekkin' and birdin'
3/14/2015 Pi Day / Pie Day by pawn-of-chaos and oregonjohn1
3/14/2015 The Ultimate Pi Day by saku124, Kishiru Krew & raechs
3/14/2015 Pi Day 2015 by Mathman, SirCumference,The Better Half, & Cutie Pi
3/21/2015 Countdown To Spring - 3,2,1 on 3/21 by The Happy Hodag!
3/21/2015 Green Eggs and a Smiley- Captured!! by Dreamcatchr
4/25/2015 2015 WGA Spring Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup CITO by Wisconsin Geocaching Association
4/25/2015 2nd Annual Geocaching/Hiking Event - Felsenmeer by Team Northwoods
4/25/2015 Mukwonago County Park - CITO by Sevencards
4/25/2015 April Geo-Anniversary BaSh CITO Style! by Mr. & Mrs. Ecorangers
4/26/2015 Musical Chairs! Why not musical chairs? by Team Northwoods and BeccaDay from the WGA
5/16/2015 2015 WGA Geo-Campout by Wisconsin Geocaching Association
5/16/2015 WGA ‘15 Campout CITO – Control Invasives Take Out by lostcheq, walkingadventure

Latest Caches Hidden...

3/1/2015 WSQ ( GRACELAND ) by The King
3/1/2015 Waukau Creek Carp Trap Redux by rawevil
2/28/2015 Noodle Over This by Oatgirl12, Seekfun
2/28/2015 PAGS #28_Farewell to February by livingtoplay
2/28/2015 The River's Edge by bj+sice
2/27/2015 Side Hill by Team Northwoods
2/27/2015 Red Red Pine by Team Northwoods
2/26/2015 A Beautiful View on the Green Circle by mnfishnutz and Troutonthebrain
2/25/2015 IATCC - It's Earth's Fault by IceAgeTrail
2/25/2015 It is not so much the heat... by Team Northwoods

Latest Trackable Items...

3/2/2015 12:00:00 PM Walkin' Talkin' Cachin' BunnyFuFu GeoGreen TB was placed in Nada Cache Dash IV (5K Walk/Run).
3/2/2015 6:03:30 AM Little Kitten's Travel Bug was placed in The Tree~Mendous Travel Bug Hotel.
3/1/2015 3:35:56 PM Travel Dragon Geocoin was placed in A Tribute to Spike007.
3/1/2015 1:21:22 PM Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in Nature doesn't grow squares.
3/1/2015 12:07:03 PM Custom V-8 Vega was placed in Sudoku Cache.
3/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Drew loves basketball & WGA Custom Cachekinz was placed in Take A Brake.
3/1/2015 12:00:00 PM GeoKid Tag was placed in Farmer's Almanac.
3/1/2015 12:00:00 PM Alpi TB was placed in Stoned Again.
3/1/2015 12:00:00 PM 5858 Gold Generic 2007 Geocoin was placed in Brookfield Bushwhack.
3/1/2015 12:00:00 PM The Bling Ring was placed in Brookfield Bushwhack.

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