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Geocaching in Connecticut

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Events, Past and Present...

6/27/2015 SE CT MEET & GREET ( 6 ) by shellyJ17
7/18/2015 July Meet & Greet 2015 by Dirtyface and DirtyfaceJr
8/8/2015 GeoBeach Bash IV by GeoBeach Bashers
8/29/2015 CCC EVENT TO PROMOTE GEOCACHING by Dale and Molly

Latest Caches Hidden...

7/2/2015 Camouflage goose Cache by DRLicki
6/30/2015 Bottle Rocket by RedWingNut
6/30/2015 The Grande Finale by RedWingNut
6/30/2015 Catherine Wheel by RedWingNut
6/30/2015 Roman Candle by RedWingNut
6/29/2015 Skyler's Secret Treasure by Ivy&sky
6/29/2015 Dog and Dogwood by Spandrelf
6/27/2015 RED, WHITE, & BLUE by shellyJ17
6/25/2015 A Year of Sunshine by Gina<3Andrew
6/24/2015 Owl Cache by Care Again Crew

Latest Trackable Items...

7/3/2015 4:11:54 PM Moo Moo the Ghost Cow was placed in Coogan Farm TB B&B.
7/3/2015 4:06:56 PM CRC's Liberator the Frog was placed in Coogan Farm TB B&B.
7/3/2015 12:05:27 PM Ninja of Deadly Deathness was placed in "The Falls" at Uncas Leap.
7/3/2015 12:00:00 PM United Kingdom Flag Micro Geocoin was placed in ROAD WARRIOR SERIES CT I-84 Cache 4 EXIT 74.
7/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Petervw's Racer #2 - South America was placed in Knowlton Preserve- Twin Oaks.
7/3/2015 12:00:00 PM Ronnie's Deadliest Catch was placed in Mr&MrsSherlockHolmes' hidden treasure- revised.
7/3/2015 12:00:00 PM BOO-mer The Ghost Travel Tag was placed in Wired (well).
7/3/2015 10:44:24 AM TT-378-20 was placed in Gary's First Home.
7/3/2015 7:36:25 AM Ryan's Beetle was placed in May The 4th Be With You.
7/2/2015 3:35:11 PM D Deutsch/GERMAN #2 was placed in Murry Park's First Geocache .

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