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Geomate.jr by Apisphere

  • Apisphere
  • $69.95
  • 2009
  • Rating
  • 995
  • 4722

High-sensitivity SiRFStarIII GPS receiver; preloaded with 250,000 geocaches; splash proof; runs 12 hours on 2 AAA batteries

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Geomate.jr Device

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Rating written by Premium Memberfatmatt86 on Wednesday, September 03, 2014:

cant update

Rating written by Regular Memberwolverine98 on Sunday, August 03, 2014:

I'm just getting into geocaching, and this thing is great! I'm especially happy with how it actually tells you the information about the cache. It could use a backlight, and it gets a little spotty when under trees. Also, it usually takes a long time to start up and find me. Other than that, takes me straight to the cache. Gotta love that.

Rating written by Regular Member1turtleguy on Thursday, July 17, 2014:

simple but they dont offer updates anymore

Rating written by Premium MemberMiJames on Sunday, June 22, 2014:

Just bought the upgrade kit,ready to check it out.

Rating written by Regular Memberkman17 on Friday, June 20, 2014:

Reviews 1-5 of 995  First  Previous  Next  Last

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