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eTrex H

eTrex H by Garmin

  • Garmin
  • $99.99
  • 2007
  • Rating
  • 7309
  • 31702

WAAS-enabled; high-sensitivity GPS receiver; 64 x 128 pixel, 4 level grayscale LCD; waterproof and impact resistant; runs up to 17 hours on 2 AA batteries

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eTrex H Device

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Rating written by Regular MemberFLOWSMAUS on Thursday, April 24, 2014:

Rating written by Regular MemberRobCL on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:

Reasonably cheap and cheerful. Useful with UK Ordinance Survey maps. Buttons are a bit fiddly and need a fair bit of effort to press. In it's favour are it's accuracy robust construction and terrific battery life.

Rating written by Regular MemberUkulele_Bob on Monday, April 21, 2014:

Einfach zu bedienen, jedoch alles per Hand. Zum Cachen auf jedenfall super!

Rating written by Premium MemberKaktussaft on Wednesday, April 16, 2014:

Rating written by Premium MemberHieronimus* on Sunday, April 13, 2014:

Reviews 1-5 of 7310  First  Previous  Next  Last

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