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eTrex H

eTrex H by Garmin

  • Garmin
  • $99.99
  • 2007
  • Rating
  • 7307
  • 31689

WAAS-enabled; high-sensitivity GPS receiver; 64 x 128 pixel, 4 level grayscale LCD; waterproof and impact resistant; runs up to 17 hours on 2 AA batteries

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eTrex H Device

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Rating written by Premium MemberKaktussaft on Wednesday, April 16, 2014:

Rating written by Premium MemberHieronimus* on Sunday, April 13, 2014:

Rating written by Premium MemberKlabautermanden on Monday, April 07, 2014:

Rating written by Regular MemberMattn80 on Sunday, April 06, 2014:

Rating written by Premium Memberlil_ellie on Sunday, April 06, 2014:

It'll get me there most of the time, but I always carry at LEAST 2 extra AA batteries with me if I am going to be out caching most of the day. It just isn't practical to have to turn the device off between caches to try and keep the batteries from going dead. I'd advise carrying 4 extra batteries at all times.

Reviews 1-5 of 7307  First  Previous  Next  Last

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