We're doing a bit of scheduled maintenance right now.

Scheduled Maintenance

We are performing scheduled maintenance.* Thank you for your patience.

You know, changing the oil, filling up the headlight fluid, rotating the tires, putting a sweet new spoiler on the back, etc...

Stay tuned for updates:

Engineers, developers and IT specialists are furiously working to make the site even better. Meanwhile, the communications department is chanting their favorite IT cheers. Feel free to cheer along:

C'mon IT put some coffee in your mug!
Now type away and squash that bug!

Our IT team is full of talented creatures!
We can't wait for these new features!

A delicious pizza doesn't happen without an oven that's in top-top shape. The same goes for Geocaching...except in this case the oven is our servers. And the pizza is our site. It's a metaphor.