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Geocaches are located all over the world! Search for geocaches by postal code, state, country, coordinate, keyword, username or GC Code.

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Search Types

  • Postal Code - Search by a postal code if you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.
  • Coordinate - Use latitude and longitude to determine a position on the planet. Not sure how to determine latitude and longitude? Select "Geocode Address," type a physical address and we will determine the approximate location for you.
  • State/Country - Select a state and/or country to search.
  • Keyword - Enter a keyword to search for a geocache beginning with that word or phrase.
  • Username - Search for geocaches hidden or found by a specific username.
  • GC Code - Search by the unique identifier associated with every geocache listing. The GC Code starts with the letters "GC" and is followed by other alphanumeric characters.

Custom geocache searches based on geocache size, location, and attributes can also be created through the use of a Premium Member feature, called a Pocket Query. To learn more or to read about the additional features of a Groundspeak Premium Membership, visit

Practice "Cache In Trash Out"

While out geocaching, bring a bag with you to pick up trash along the way. Visit the Cache In Trash Out page to learn more about CITO.

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