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Premium Membership Testimonials

Why Premium Membership?

We know that as a Groundspeak Basic Member, it can be difficult to determine exactly what the Premium Membership features do and how they'll improve your caching experience.

So we asked current Groundspeak Premium Members to share why they value Premium Memberships. True, we promised them a Groundspeak Lackey Coin in exchange for their help, but we think that the comments show how Premium features make caching even more enjoyable!

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Being a Premium Member is like turning on the lights after walking through a crowded room in the dark. Planning a trip that includes finding caches was hit or miss at best and took a lot of work. Being able to create and download Pocket Queries for an area or along a route takes a lot of the work out of planning a caching day.

I love premium membership...!

Without doubt, the best thing about being a Premium Member is Pocket Queries. Paperless caching makes such a difference to my enjoyment of this game. Each morning it takes a couple of minutes to drag and drop my local PQ's into my GPS and then I'm ready to go caching whatever happens over the course of the day. If I pass a new location I can just check my GPS and I know right away what caches are available. It's fab not to have to carry print outs. And if we want to we can change our minds about where we're going caching at the drop of a hat.

Call me sentimental, but this game has given thousands of hours of fun over the past 4 years. I want the site to run well, and paying what I consider to be a small sum of money towards running this site is to my mind worth it. The question isn't really whether I should have Premium Membership, but more whether I can justify getting two memberships - I really do love those PQ's!

As a disabled geocacher that has trouble walking I like to run a Pocket Query before I go caching for the day. It shows me the easier terrain caches all at once instead of sifting through 1000's trying to find the easier terrain ones. It saves me hours of planning!!!!


"The question isn't really whether I should have Premium Membership, but more whether I can justify getting two memberships - I really do love those PQ's!"


Frankly, I can't understand why anyone ISN'T a PM! Whatever your particular 'take' on geocaching, Premium Membership offers you way more than ordinary membership. I had only been caching a few days before I realised it was essential. If I want to get out to new caches, I am notified when they are placed. If I want to watch when caches are found, re-enabled after being off-line or even archived, it's all sent straight to me. I have a bookmark of caches I still want to visit. If I'm planning a trip anywhere, I can have a custom-built list of caches to visit. Basically, Premium Membership does all the leg-work to ensure that geocaching caters to your specific needs.

Before becoming a Premium Member I was entering cache details into my GPS receiver by hand. I was quickly becoming tired of trying to navigate around with those wee little buttons.

It all came to a head one day when I had spent almost 20 minutes entering a long description and I simply pressed one wrong button at the wrong time, and lost all my hard work! I decided to give the Premium Membership a try so I could download the GPX files into my mapping program and transfer them to my Magellan.

I could not be happier with the results! What used to take me hours to enter by hand is now accomplished in just minutes, allowing me to spend more time doing what I love to do ... hunt for the cache!

I am not a techie so I decide where we are going caching and save them as a bookmark. My techie hubby then takes over with PQ etc and downloads them onto both our GPSs. etc. I have fun planning a wander and he saves time as a PM so we are both happy. I think that paying the fee is more than made up with the fun we have, the friends we have made and the quality time we have when out caching together. If the fee helps to continue that 'feel good' factor then that is priceless.

One of our favorite Premium Member features is the ability to create bookmarks. We enjoy searching the website and trying to find the caches that best suit our interest. The bookmark feature allows us to organize and save caches in groupings that make sense - we have bookmarks for puzzle caches to work on when we can't go out caching, caches that require a boat, and special caches of interest that we want to visit someday. We create bookmarks for out-of-town travel and for caches we want to focus on for just a day or weekend.

Haggis Hunter

"Now when I want to go out it takes me no more than 10 minutes to get 500 caches onto my GPS with all the cache details included."

Haggis Hunter

Becoming a premium member gave me the ability to download full cache details for an area, rather than individually downloading just the coordinates. This means I can easily have all the details of caches to hand without having to connect to the website.

I particularly like the 'Caches Along a Route' feature, which is particularly useful when going on longer trips with children for finding somewhere other than service stations to stop for a stretch of legs.

I started caching in April, '09. Originally I thought, why pay to cache when I can do it for free? By June, '09 my family had spent more time together doing an activity that we all enjoyed than we had in the 2 previous years. All this family time together had to be worth something right? So we decided to pay for a Premium Membership.

Until recently I hadn't even used any of the Premium Features. The reason for becoming a Premium Member was to support the activity we enjoyed so much, not for additional features. Now…I'm using these features almost daily. I have actually started using the "Cache Along a Route" feature while planning all of our upcoming trips. The bottom line is, take away all the features and we will still be Premium Members to support!

I have become so dependent on the Premium Member features that its hard for me to remember that there are features that some choose not to use. When I travel, I want to obtain all the cache listings that are in the area where we will be visiting, or to be able to focus on particular types of caches that I most enjoy -- the Pocket Queries allow me to do that. When I am at home, I want to be able to put the caches in my area on my GPSr -- again, the Pocket Queries allow me to do that. They also work well with the enhanced mapping and the ability to download caches along a route, to make sure that my time is spent on the things I enjoy the most.

My other half, CJ, is a First-To-Find hound and we really took premium membership so she would receive instant notifications on her (now) iPhone.

Now she can run with glee within minutes after a new cache comes out.


"I think that paying the fee is more than made up with the fun we have, the friends we have made and the quality time we have when out caching together."


As Premium Members our satisfaction is two fold. First we now are supporting the site that has offered our family a great escape from our daily life. Secondly the added features help make geocaching less of a chore. I can set my Pocket Queries to run ahead of time when I have a planned outing and then quickly add these to my GPSr and be off and running. No more last minute searches and note taking only to realize you forgot the notes when you hit GZ [Ground Zero] and can't remember the all important clue.

After being a standard non paying member for a few months, I started to find my way round this great sport. After sussing out the types of caches, equipment need etc. I never originally intended to upgrade to premium membership as I thought I had all the tools I needed with just the standard membership.

How wrong I was, after a few weeks of downloading cache data, one at I time I looked into ways of downloading on mass. Answer Pocket Queries!

Bottom line is, it's worth the upgrade as it slickens up your prep work and cuts down a lot of time spent finding and downloading cache info!

Go on, do it, you know you want to!!

Ready to get Started? Become a Premium Member!

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