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Monday, April 22, 2013
Missouri, United States
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In Pickle 5

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Current GOAL

To move faster then my little legs can carry me.


Note: This trackable is part of the SLAGA travel bug race.  Please help me rack up as many miles as possible.

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    Tracking History (5559.1mi) View Map

    Dropped Off 7/26/2014 atlantamomzilla placed it in Pickle 5 Florida - 378.69 miles  Visit Log
    Best wishes, Turtle Race! You're in good hands now with TheSmooches! We made one of our first stops Pickle5 in beautiful Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet, FL today. Our family and friends have had a LOT of fun with you. We wish you plenty of miles and even more smiles as you continue your travels to PA.

    This entry was edited by atlantamomzilla on Sunday, 27 July 2014 at 02:58:04 UTC.
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Turtle Race in Ponce Inlet, FL</span><p class="LogImgDescription">Turtle Race visited Pickle5 in beautiful Lighthouse Point Park!</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla's Crew at Pickle5</span><p class="LogImgDescription">Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet, FL - Bye!  Bye!  Turtle Race!</p>
    Grab It (Not from a Cache) 7/26/2014 atlantamomzilla grabbed it   Visit Log
    Grabbing it back from TheSmooches so that TB gets mileage credit from GA to FL.
    Grab It (Not from a Cache) 7/26/2014 TheSmooches grabbed it   Visit Log
    Found this one in a cache on the northern side of Ponce inlet in south daytona. Taking it to Pennsylvania with us.
    Visited 7/25/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Holie Oak Georgia - 3.12 miles  Visit Log
    We relaunched our "Aunts Go Marching" TB and gave Ole Saint Nick TB & Turtle Race TB some additional Georgia miles before moving them along to Florida. This cache was sorta on our way to the pool today. So, we were all in suits and flip flops. Considering the poison ivy and the mosquitoes, our attire was a complete fail. By the way, GZ was amazing. It's hard to find 'em that big around these parts anymore with all the housing developments being built at warp speed in our area. Happiest Summertime!
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Turtle Race in Lawrenceville, GA</span><p class="LogImgDescription">At Holie Oak.  GZ was truly amazing.</p>
    Visited 7/16/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to The River House Georgia - 3.36 miles  Visit Log
    Had two in science camp and decided to take the younger kidlets to the Yellow River Game Ranch. Nabbed this cache on the way home as it was uber close to the ranch.
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Atlantamomzilla's Crew @ Game Ranch</span><p class="LogImgDescription">Nabbed The River House cache on the way home from the Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain, GA.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Atlantamomzilla's Crew @ The River House GC</span><p class="LogImgDescription">Stone Mountain, GA - This is the older boy&#39;s first official picture with his missing front tooth.</p>
    Visited 7/15/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Quiet Place Georgia   Visit Log
    Visited 7/7/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Quiet Place Georgia - .22 miles  Visit Log
    Visited 7/6/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Devil Tree Cache Georgia - .22 miles  Visit Log
    There were seven of us at historic Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA doing the 4th of July thing tonight and we decided to get a smiley on the way out. Happiest 4th!
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Atlantamomzilla & Crew on the 4th</span><p class="LogImgDescription">** !Happiest 4th of July - 2014!  **</p>
    Visited 7/6/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Quiet Place Georgia - 551.83 miles  Visit Log
    Visited 6/28/2014 atlantamomzilla took it to Dewey Bald Cache Missouri - 555.93 miles  Visit Log
    I grew up in a teenie-tiny, unincorporated town in SE Kansas and then went on to graduate from Missouri State back in '91. Now living in Atlanta with my husband's family, I've only been back to the area twice since graduation. This is record of the most recent trip with my three best friends from childhood and, yes, I'm uploading all the ridiculous pictures associated with our stupidity. Naturally, we were happy to include the Turtle Race TB as this is how we roll after seeing that the TB owner was from the Show Me State. Thank you for another reason to have some fun!

    This entry was edited by atlantamomzilla on Tuesday, 01 July 2014 at 21:30:15 UTC.
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ Dewey Bald Cache</span><p class="LogImgDescription">We hunted only one cache during our four days to give the TB mileage and decided that hiking the area formerly owned by Paul &amp; Ruth Henning, the creators of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, couldn&#39;t be more perfect.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ the Tower</span><p class="LogImgDescription">The path to the cache was nearest a look out tower, and we were all too chicken to stand up after the wind was pushing it too much for our pleasure.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ MSU</span><p class="LogImgDescription">A former Bear, I haven&#39;t been back to the area but twice since graduation in the early &#39;90&#39;s.  Boy, has it changed.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla and the MSU Bear</span><p class="LogImgDescription">I assure you, this guy wasn&#39;t on campus when I was.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">Turtle Race at the MSU Bookstore</span><p class="LogImgDescription">After spending all of my husband&#39;s money on Bear Wear, we made the cashier, Kelsey, pose with the TB.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ Lambert's</span><p class="LogImgDescription">What&#39;s a visit to the area without catching a roll at Lambert&#39;s?  The TB did and then ate a pot pie!</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ Vigilante Zip Line</span><p class="LogImgDescription">The TB rode on a clip around my bra on the inside of my shirt.  Doing this in the pouring rain was quite possibly the dumbest thing we&#39;ve ever done.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ C of Ozarks</span><p class="LogImgDescription">We (and the TB) ate lunch and chocolate mint ice cream here.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ AJ Elite Nails</span><p class="LogImgDescription">After a few too many beers, we got our toesies done.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ AJ Elite Nails 2</span><p class="LogImgDescription">The Turtle approved of my purple color choice as it also matches my four kids&#39; swim team color.  I got off the plane back in ATL and flew to our last division meet with happily matching toenails.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ AJ Elite Nails 3</span><p class="LogImgDescription">Here we all are in full-on bliss!  It was a GREAT way to end our trip.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ Butterfly Palace</span><p class="LogImgDescription">We (and the TB) took in some butterflies and assorted nature before heading back to the airport and going home.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ The Landing</span><p class="LogImgDescription">We (and the Turtle) ate at the Mexican joint the day after riding the night zip line over the river.  We recommend both the zip line and the mango margarita.</p>
    • <span class="LogImgTitle">AtlantaMomzilla @ MSU circa '90</span><p class="LogImgDescription">In true Bear spirit, I was proudly a Sugar Bear at MSU.  These outfits are hideous and check out the heaven high hair but it&#39;s the only pic I have from the day on my laptop.  Hence, my love and admiration for the area and her people.  And, I&#39;ll always be proud to call myself a &quot;Midwest farmer&#39;s daughter!&quot;</p>
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