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Geocaching and GeoTours

Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. We can combine your knowledge of local businesses and attractions with the excitement and adventure of geocaching. The result is a customized GeoTour that can bring visitors and tourism revenue to your area.

Check out our current GeoTours and when you're ready to begin creating your own GeoTour, contact us.

How a GeoTour works

First things first: geocaching is a GPS-fueled real-world treasure hunt that can take place nearly anywhere. In less than two minutes you can learn more with our introductory video.

A GeoTour is a collection of geocaches that take geocachers on a tour of a specific area. They can be along a trail, through historic sites, in a park, and even in the middle of an urban area. At each stop, you can introduce family-friendly activities, interesting facts, stories, and the best parts of your destination.

We can also help you create a GeoTour Passport which enables visitors to track their progress throughout their adventure. You can even reward geocachers with custom Geocoins and trackable items. Learn more about geocoins and trackables.

So far we've worked with local tourism boards, the National Park Service, historical associations and private companies to create customized GeoTours. Check out the global directory of active GeoTours.

Who are Geocachers?

Our community is over five million strong and growing.

Geocachers are represented in nearly every demographic in over 180 countries worldwide. They range in age from schoolchildren to retirees and everywhere in between. Over 70% of geocachers have a median household income of over $60k/year and many geocachers are college graduates.

Since the introduction of our mobile apps, geocaching has become more available to casual geocachers. Smartphone apps have also made it easy to integrate your geocaching experience into social media. Now geocachers can tell their entire group of friends where they went, who they were with, and how much fun it was.

What will a GeoTour do for my area?

It's more than just something fun; it's a measurable investment in your destination.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation generates $646 billion per year in direct consumer spending and $80 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue; this includes dollars spent on travel-related expenses like lodging, restaurants and more. And despite the economic setbacks of recent years, the outdoor industry and geocaching have continued to grow.

Over the past few years, geocaching has seen 30% annual growth, which has led to over 123 million annual visits to, 2.25 million opt-in weekly newsletter recipients and close to 400,000 likes on Facebook.

A GeoTour is a turnkey marketing program that enables you to tap into this vast group of people by creating a destination for the entire geocaching community. And with measurable data, you can monitor the return on your investment.

Creating your GeoTour is super simple.

To get things started, contact us or call 206-302-7721 x403 with your destination, when you're looking to begin your GeoTour, and what rewards geocachers might receive. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Passports and Geocoins
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