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Geocache types

Traditional Cache

This is the simplest form of a geocache. It consists of a container with a log sheet, and is located at the posted coordinates. Cache containers come in many different sizes.


These caches include at least one stage in addition to the physical final container with a log sheet. The posted coordinates for a Multi-Cache are the first stage. At each stage, the geocacher gathers information that leads them to the next stage or to the final container.

Mystery Cache

Also called a 'puzzle cache', players might need to solve a puzzle or bring a special tool to reveal the next waypoint or final coordinates. Most often, the final container is not at the posted coordinates which is noted in the cache description.


Learn how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage its resources, and how scientists gather evidence with this cache type. The cache description includes educational information along with specific geoscience questions players will need to answer through observation at the coordinates. Learn more about EarthCaches™.

Letterbox Hybrid

These caches may use clues instead of coordinates to guide players to the cache container. Sometimes, the final container is not at the posted coordinates, but it always has a stamp for letterboxing that is meant to stay with the cache. Learn more about letterboxing in North America.

Event Cache

An Event Cache is a gathering of local geocachers or geocaching organizations. The Event Cache page specifies a time for the event and provides coordinates to its location. The Event page is automatically archived 30 days after it ends.

Cache In Trash Out Event

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative to clean up and preserve the natural areas that we enjoy while geocaching. These events are gatherings of the geocaching community that can focus on services like litter clean-up, removal of invasive species, planting trees and vegetation, and trail building.

Mega-Event Cache

This event type has 500+ people in attendance. Many Mega-Events offer geocachers a day of planned activities. There are often several days of additional activities surrounding a Mega-Event.

Giga-Event Cache

This event type has 5000+ people in attendance. Similar to Mega-Events, Giga-Events include a day of planned activities, as well as some additional activities around the Event. Since Giga-Events are so rare, they attract geocachers from all over the world.

Wherigo Cache

Wherigo® is a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. Interact with virtual or physical objects in this multi-stage cache experience that leads to a physical container. Players will need to download a Wherigo® app from their device's app store and the cartridge from the cache description. Learn more about Wherigo.

Geocaching HQ Cache

The official Geocaching HQ Cache is located inside the Visitor Center at Geocaching Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Schedule a visit at least 48 hours in advance.

GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit

The GPS Adventures Maze is a traveling exhibit designed to teach people of all ages about GPS technology and geocaching through interactive science experiences. It may accompany a Mega- or Giga-Event.

Adventure Lab®

Adventures are location-based experiences that enable players to explore and learn through stories and interactive experiences. Unlike geocaches, Adventure Locations can be indoors, don't have a physical container, and don't require a minimum distance between other Adventure Locations or geocaches.

Geocaching HQ Celebration

Formerly known as the Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration, this event cache type is used by Geocaching HQ to celebrate the biggest anniversary years of geocaching with a large event in Seattle, Washington. Geocaching HQ intends to host these events every ten years.

Geocaching HQ Block Party

This event type has 500+ people in attendance. The goal of Block Parties is to celebrate a milestone year and strengthen the geocaching community through amazing social experiences. These large events attract geocachers from all over the world.

Community Celebration Event

This event type is a specially designated community gathering held during significant milestone years in geocaching. These events allow players to celebrate around the world.

Legacy cache types

These geocache types may still be available to find, but are only available to create during limited releases by Geocaching HQ.

Virtual Cache

A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container. Players must first visit the coordinates where they may be required to answer a question about the location, take a picture, or complete a task.

Webcam Cache

These are geocaches that use existing web cameras that monitor various areas accessible to the public, like parks or business complexes. The logging requirements are to save a screen capture from the website where the camera shows the player in frame and upload it with their log.

Project A.P.E. Cache

This legacy Planet of the Apes series told a fictional story where scientists revealed an Alternative Primate Evolution (A.P.E.). Out of fourteen caches originally placed in conjunction with 20th Century Fox in 2001, there are two left in the world. Their containers are specially marked ammo cans that originally held a prop from the movie.

Locationless Cache

Instead of finding a hidden container, this legacy cache type requires players to locate a specific object, report its location or coordinates, and photograph it to attach to their log.