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Getting Started as a Premium Member

Create Pocket Queries – Custom Searches

Pocket Queries are custom geocache searches you can have emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis and are helpful in planning your geocaching adventures.

Common reasons geocachers create pocket queries:

  • Obtain a list of the recently published geocaches in an area that you frequently visit, such as your home, work or weekend vacation home
  • Receive as many as 1000 geocache detail pages at a time - many GPS devices allow you to directly download this list to your GPS
  • Search for different geocaching styles in your household, including filtering geocaches by type, size and attribute
  • Find geocaches with specific attributes, such as "recommended for kids," "dogs allowed" or "stealth required"
  • Update the status of caches that you have already downloaded so that you don't head outdoors looking for a cache that is no longer there

View the search options available when creating a Pocket Query or follow the step-by-step instructions to create your first query.

Discover Caches Along a Route

Change the meaning of "are we there yet?" one cache at a time! The Caches Along a Route feature allows you to download coordinates for geocaches along a specific route. Heading from Chicago to Milwaukee this weekend? Discover geocaches as you travel. Caches Along a Route utilizes the custom search features of a Pocket Query while allowing you to set the maximum distance to search for caches on either side of the road.

Find routes created by others or learn how to create your own. Need instructions? Watch our video with step-by-step instructions on creating a route or read about it in the Help Center.

Manage Bookmarks

Bookmark lists allow you to group geocaches however you like. You can create lists such as your favorite geocaches of all time, your ultimate finds "wishlist," or the best caches for out-of-town guests. Lists can remain private or be shared with others. Watch a screencast on how to create a bookmark list or see the instructions below.

To create a bookmark list:

  1. Visit the bookmark list page
  2. Give the list a name and click "Create List"
  3. Enter a description of the list and choose whether you want others to view it

To add a cache to your bookmark list:

  1. Visit the cache details page
  2. Click "bookmark listing" in the navigation table at top-right
  3. Select the bookmark list that you want the cache added to from the drop-down menu and add any comments

Set up Instant Notifications

The Instant-Notify feature allows you to easily monitor the logs of geocaches within a particular area. Geocachers most often use this feature to receive notifications when new geocaches in their area are published, though you can use it to monitor any type of log.

To set up a notification:

  1. Go to the Add Instant Notification page
  2. Name the notification
  3. Choose a cache type to monitor
  4. Choose the types of logs you want to see (if you are just looking for newly published caches, choose "Publish Listing")
  5. Set the coordinates from which you want to search or enter a postal code
  6. Select a distance in miles to search around the coordinates or postal code
  7. Choose one email address to send notifications to (if different from your account email)