The Four Types of Geocaching Texans Who will Rule the Universe

I’ve thought about how to rule the universe since I started writing this sentence. I’m therefore an expert. I believe it takes only four types of people. (Are you writing notes?) 1) The Genius 2) The Champion 3) The Mad Scientist and 4) People Who Really Really Like Each Other

We’re traveling around the world shooting videos showcasing the best of geocaching. On a trip to Texas to shoot video for Geocaching.com’s Lost and Found stories, we met all four types of people. Watch out universe.

The genius is Mikal Hart. He invented a device that’ll change the face of geocaching by putting the game in reverse. Hard to imagine? It’s not for a genius, and soon it won’t be hard to imagine for the rest of us.

The Mad Scientist is Richard Garriott, the best type of mad scientist.  His innovative video games like Ultima kept us entertained and on the edge of madness for decades. He not only went to extremes, like space and the ocean floor, to place the highest and lowest caches. Garriott is also about to launch one of the most imaginative (and potentially frightening) caches on earth.

The Champion is known as Mrs. B. She’s a school teacher in McKinney, Texas. Mrs. B is using geocaching to teach her 5th graders about coordinates, distance, geography, math and interactive learning. The kids love her and learning, and that’s tough.

The final and possibly most important type of people are those that really really like each other. Dillar and Karen are those people. Karen proposed to Dillar by using stealth and their favorite hobby, geocaching. Dillar unsuspectingly opened the cache “All the little things I love” and by the time the cache closed, was engaged.

Yeah, watch out universe they’re all in Texas. Thankfully I believe they don’t want the administrative hassle of running the universe. Imagine the paperwork, the meetings, the power mongering. If you want to watch their stories (and others) you don’t have to wait long. Lost and Found launches this May.

  • I want more info on these guys! How will I know if I happen to run into a potential ruler of the world? What would you say to them? “So, hey, the whole gravity thing? Can you change that up so we swim through the air and fly boats?”

  • Lannel

    I loved reading about these caches and the people behind them. Keep the stories coming!

  • OK, how do you know the backstory behind “All the little thigns I love”? I went to the page…I'm already married…proposed at the top of that tower thing in the middle of Butchart Gardens…two years before geocaching started. But I like these geocaching proposal stories…

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  • dillar and karin

    @Mark – the lackeys from geocaching.com contacted us to hear our story – darinkillar
    @nicole – if you meet one of us… don't forget we are from Texas, a simple “howdy yall” is what you should say!

    Thanks Eric for the fantistic write up… looking forward to the video.

  • My pleasure. We're releasing the Lost and Found Video Trailer tomorrow on this blog. It's pretty intense, in a jaw-dropping, falling out of your seat, hyperventilating sort of way. But I'm a little bias. Let me know what you think!

  • locuslingua

    Good job setting expectations low, Eric 🙂

  • lilizard62

    I want to be like Mrs. McKinney and teach it to my Boy Scouts in Troop 100. Weslaco, Texas, and all across the Rio Grande Valley.

  • lilizard62

    Did I say Mrs. McKinney. LOL I am such a Burrito. I am so sorry Mrs. B. YOu are my hero.

  • Boulette

    I love the proposal stories as well. My husband proposed to me at a geocache!! About a year and half ago. We've been married for just a year now (7/25 to be exact). We went out to eat, stopped at a TB hotel to make some trades and I opened the cache, saw a ring box and thought the ring box was some sort of swag trash. LOL I tossed it aside on the floor of the car looking at the treasures in the cache. Little did I know I had just tossed my real treasure on the floor! We even had a cache placed for our wedding by a friend and stopped after the ceremony on the way to the reception to get the cache (complete in wedding getup!) (GC1W5F4)