The Founders – Geocaching’s Lost & Found Video Premiere

Enjoy watching the first video in the Lost & Found series. We’re discovering the lost stories of geocaching. It’s our way to celebrate ten amazing years of family-friendly geocaching adventures.

“The Founders” video showcases the three innovators who launched Geocaching.com. Learn a little bit about Jeremy Irish, Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord.  Hear how the company started and where they hope the geocaching treasure hunt takes us all in the decades ahead.

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More Lost & Found videos will be released each week.  See a glimpse of what’s ahead in our Lost & Found Video Trailer.

  • Great premiere video! Can't wait to see what's in store for the series! And thank you to the founders for all you have done for geocaching.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!
    My husband and I love it and try to encourage our friends and family to join the club…many of them have!

  • some people “thought it was a fade”? Nice Freudian slip there, transcript-writer!

  • Maddmum

    Great to see what we are in store for. Really looking forward to more.

  • I enjoy geocaching more now than when I started 6 years ago!