Geocaching Caption Contest 4 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: Wise man say, “Man with one GPS knows exactly where he is. Man with twelve GPS is never sure…” – David Krug

This is the fourth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. What caption would you write for this photo from the Ten years! event GC26RQJ the U.K.?  “So… you’re saying twelve GPS receivers still tell us we’re completely lost?”  You can do better.  The winner receives these barely coveted Cache In Trash Out stickers.

Barely Coveted Prize
Please include your geocaching username in all entries.  The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

15 Lackeys voted last week to crown the winner of the third Geocaching Caption Contest.  The winning entry was decided by just one vote!

Take a look at the post to see who won.

Good luck!


  1. 12 random Geocachers Converge at the same time only to discover the Virtual is just that an invisible point in space.

  2. What? No one has the coordinates to Camelot. Not even Lancelot? Now howare we going to get back?
    By travelingfrog

  3. On your mark, get set, go! First one to find all 12 caches and make it back here wins! (CarmensClan)

  4. Round and round the GPS ring,
    the Cachers chased a micro
    They got 12 different GZ's
    Darn Those Little Micros.

    GC name: TheArsenaultQuartet

  5. On the twelth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 12 GPS receivers with a low margin of error!!!

  6. The geocachers were stunned at the apparently random meeting while hunting 12 different caches during the “Chicago Cubs win the World Series” event cache.

  7. Iphone guy: Crunch the numbers for me.
    ETrex guy: I show a 33.3333 chance of success, repeating of course.
    GPSMap guy: Time's up, let's do this. Leeroooooooy Jenkiiiiiinnnns!
    Iphone guy: G**dammit Leeroy.
    GPSMap guy: At least I have chicken.

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