Geocaching Caption Contest 4 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: Wise man say, “Man with one GPS knows exactly where he is. Man with twelve GPS is never sure…” – David Krug

This is the fourth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. What caption would you write for this photo from the Ten years! event GC26RQJ the U.K.?  “So… you’re saying twelve GPS receivers still tell us we’re completely lost?”  You can do better.  The winner receives these barely coveted Cache In Trash Out stickers.

Barely Coveted Prize
Please include your geocaching username in all entries.  The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

15 Lackeys voted last week to crown the winner of the third Geocaching Caption Contest.  The winning entry was decided by just one vote!

Take a look at the post to see who won.

Good luck!

  • “Ok, mine says 30m west”
    “Mine says 20m east”
    “mine says we are at GZ…no wait it says 40m that way”

  • EdgeIN

    We should be able to find a great restaurant to eat at with all the technology we have here?


  • EdgeIN

    We should be able to find a great restaurant with all this technology we have here

  • team dorke`

    ok my batteries are low!!

    ahh so are mine…. and mine

    i got great battery signal oh wait…nevermind

  • Gossamar

    I knew we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque……

  • Shelia

    Caching Friends, all roads lead us back to GZ!!!

  • Darlene Fortin

    Wheres the Magellan owner????

  • Packanack

    Four Dakotas beats two legends, a nuvi and a Iphone.

  • JoesBar

    You put your gpsr in, you put your gpsr out. You put your gpsr in, and you shake it all about. You do the cache-a-pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about.

  • JoesBar

    You put your gpsr in, you put your gpsr out. You put your gpsr in, and you shake it all about. You do the cache-a-pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about.

  • soaringgrandma

    Ten years of GPSrs finds a lot of stash.
    Used my newest GPSr to find the oldest cach.

  • Red Desert Fox

    I'll raise you one Garmin.

  • Russ

    Folks, I think it's time to consider elevation…

  • missionMode

    doh! missionMode, not Russ.. well I'm Russ too, but not when caching 😉

  • thereeds98

    OK. We have twelve different ways to go. Who wants to go first?

  • Mockingbird559

    Why do these gps's all have different readings?


  • ScrabbleDogs

    Who would have thought? The I-Phone does work for Geocaching!


  • Triple Crown

    Hey, you with the I-phone, where'd you get the hood ornament?

  • ScrabbleDogs

    Darn, Smart phones!

  • sonditom

    One! Two! Three and BREAK!!

  • Kingmaker

    Waaaaa….don't cross the streams!!!

  • Tom Veil

    “Made the find while out caching with the Apostles…”

    submitted 03 June 2010 by Tom Veil

  • I guess north should be at twelve o'clock ?


  • e-remes

    Who's is the best GPS?
    There's only one way to find out. In the words of Harry Hill….FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!

  • Different devices – same hobby

  • The Bakkers

    NOW for a limited time only get this authentic GEO caching clock, not only will it tell you what time it is, it will tell you where you are also.

  • duckace

    So we go thru life together…
    We geo-cache together…
    and it's a twelve way tie to FTF

  • Peter

    Only the giraffe knew where the cache was, and he wasn't telling.


  • Peter

    Modern day Stonehedge.


  • Braid Beard's Gang

    If they don't look up soon, there is going to be a crash.

  • GeoMych

    “Finally… we meet. Now who gets the FTF?” (GeoMych)

  • Andy Kettlety

    Andy K! – Thing and his friends discover Geocaching, but will it catch on with the rest of the Adams Family?

  • Blb9556

    The GPS enabled circle.

  • Andy Kettlety

    Andy K! – Hey guys, who are the two in the gimp suits?

  • Andy Kettlety

    Andy K! – The nearest Garmin is saying “Why do I have to stand between the iPhones?”

  • Andy Kettlety

    Andy K! – I've not got WAAS but I am getting Sydney from the afterlife!

  • CacheIntruder

    Almost there.

  • This was taken just moments before 12 geocachers collided while searching for a geocache. This is a warning to all geocachers who don't look up from their GPS devices.

  • Yeah, I'll play the Hokey Pokey with you guys … but every time i shake it all about I lose satellite reception.


  • Johnkimble1194

    “There's always one Apple fanboy in the group”

  • guiksmain

    10 years, never shall be found, this Geocache in the middle of 12 GPSr's…
    it is destiny, and destiny is Geocaching!

    gui look

  • stinger503

    All for one, first to find for all!

  • Gui

    “use the Force… what the 'force'? no the source… only at Geocaching.com”
    gui look

  • Gui

    “here cachi, cachi, cachi… oh darn can someone help me find it? i really need to go to the WC”
    gui look

  • Team Polarbear

    A true proximity circle!

  • Phoenix26

    Right, GPS DoS attack attempt one!

  • TheRodds

    What do you mean there's no hint for this cache?!? How are we going to find it now???

  • Coman123

    We've got the Whole world in our hand's


  • ScrabbleDogs

    All for one, and one for all!


  • ScrabbleDogs

    Ok Calibrate compass on 1….2…..go!