Geocaching Caption Contest 5 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption, “I put the WAG in SWAG!!” – Sparknut

This is the fifth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. What caption would you write for this photo?  “Why is this swag barking at me?” You can do better. The photo you’re looking at now was submitted by a North Carolina, USA geocacher to the Geocaching.com Facebook page.  The geocacher who writes the winning caption receives these barely coveted 10 Years!  stickers.

You could win this Barely Coveted Prize

Please include your geocaching username in all entries.  The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

17 Lackeys voted in our last contest. It was our most popular Geocaching Caption Contest yet.  There were more than 200 entries.

See who won the barely coveted prize from last contest here.

  • Muney4nuthin

    My GPSniffer was right on!!


    Plz kin I haz geocache?!! k, thx!!!

  • Team SCR

    A cache-a-day gives doggy time to play…

  • Hollyblue

    where can i bury this?

    No hot dogs in caches! 😛


  • MT Tracker

    Future geopup of America.

  • Glynes

    This is what I call a great FTF Prize!!

  • gui

    in: small puppy
    gui look

  • gui

    “fluffy found it!!!” “who's the good boy?”

  • gui

    a Geocahers best friend…

  • Gui

    forgot my name,
    gui look

  • Gui

    forgot my name,
    gui look

  • adagioboy: “Swag the Dog”

  • geomuse

    Uh, pretty sure dogs may be contraband…..just sayin'……

  • nJim

    And remember kids, always clean up when your pup leaves a geopile.

  • Helgules

    My treasure, filthy human.


  • Evil Cow Pie

    Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

  • Owenk

    “ruFTF! ruFTF!”


  • Chrisnic

    Grrrr! I'm gonna get that jerk that left me here as a FTF prize!!

  • Roaming Ferret

    Little paws for a quick cache.

  • Little Paws to fit in a quick cache
    From: Roaming Ferret

  • Mr&MrsSherlockHolmes

    Can't you read ? it says “please don't remove” !

  • Dulijh

    “actually i now how to use the gps, im the future puppy.”
    dulijh (super team)

  • Jeffrae

    And you thought we walked around in circle a lot.

  • Mild bushwhacking required. New GPS for the FTF, assorted toys for the kids. Camoed discreetly with a puppy and a severed arm. Enjoy!
    My name is Trailmare.

  • Sgt.Skull

    Where's the Travel Bug tag? I can't claim a “Discovered” if I can't find the tag!

  • KBsta

    “Go home and get Fluffy, I am not going in as swag again!”

    Team = KBsta

  • rahnella

    I'm going to grow up to be a big Geodog someday!

  • Geeyohunters

    Stand Back – I'll rehide the cache.

  • Bbaker1969

    Please! Can I keep it?

  • tcontento520

    No, I didnt chew up my last masters gps device…

  • Ibedoc

    Took three tries and Master's GPS but I finally found that box I buried last year!

  • sterni2009

    My suggestion for the caption:

    “No…, please… HANDS OFF!!! Can't you read?? PLEASE DON'T REMOVE!!!”

    My Geocaching username: sterni2009

  • Billionj

    Arrghgh, I'm sure the log is here if I can only twist this leg off.

  • Audrey Sanojca

    Took nothing, left owner, chewed log. TFTH

  • Audrey Sanojca

    Took nothing, left owner, chewed log. TFTH


  • Son257

    Found it now how to open it!

  • Bluenoses

    Best first to find prize EVER!!!

  • Teese

    “Fluffy, STOP THAT!” “Honey, did you bring a CITO bag?”

  • Bntharkonen

    “Wasn't me…no 'muggles' here today!”

    submitted by lionchaser

  • Islandgirl-trina

    Too cute to cach !

  • lionchaser

    “Hot dog…FTF”


  • aussie-O's

    Finders keepers, so get your hands off me, its MINE!

  • Leejas72

    I'm FTF! Move your hand. I sign the log first cause I'm FTF!

  • lionchaser

    Yahoo…ftf…who's your puppy!


  • MDNZ

    It was a dog of a cache & we were barking up the wrong tree until my youngest tripped over this terrier can!

  • Kaiwarrior

    “Hands off the SWAG, I found it first”

  • Laggindragn

    It broke mindy's hart to say bye to fluffy but the rules clearly said in order to take something from the cache your had to leave something in exchange. -Laggindragn

  • bracelet lady

    Check out this travel bug! It wants to move from one good home to the next! I think it's a keeper!
    Bracelet Lady

  • pc08

    I may not be as high tech but I'm cuter and my battery lasts longer.

  • irisisleuk

    My boss forgot his poking stick. He thought it was a good idea to pee around, until a funny noise would reveil the cache.
    But why do I have to be in the picture now? I didn't make these spots on the cache!