Geocaching Caption Contest 6 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Your Caption HereWinning Caption Entry – “Congratulations! You have found stage 2 of a 4 part multi cache!” – roro

This is the sixth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. Here’s a little background to help mold your hilarious captions.  According to the geocacher pictured, kiwiwings, this photo was taken at a former Russian residential home in Latvia.  The home was left empty after the USSR dissolved. If you’re in the neighborhood hang out at GCVBHE for a bit.

What caption would you write for this photo?  “Wait… I can see my house from here and I live in Wisconsin.”  You can do better.  The winner receives these (recycled*) barely coveted Cache In Trash Out stickers. Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

21 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the fifth Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

Good luck!

Barely Coveted Prize

*The Cache In Trash Out stickers went unclaimed in the 4th Geocaching Caption Contest

  • hypercane

    Ok, I found it, now put the camera down and show me how to get down.

  • 2cachecowz

    I thought you said YOU would bring the pen!

  • dopeyduck

    Got it, and without my GPS too. Sure glad the hint was “repel 600 ft down.”

  • Aang

    Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

  • SherlockCajun

    “I'm not stonewalling” (Tony Hayward voice)

  • Fyao

    It only looks impressive until you realize that the guy with the camera didn't use a rope.

  • Abhishek Duggal

    I can see Russia from my backyard!

  • Audrey Sanojca

    Who's gonna cache me if I fall?

  • Darn Decoys!


  • Darn Decoys!


  • p.boy

    “When the GPSr said the cache was 203 feet in front of me, I knew something was interfering with the signal. I noticed Signal the Frog was in the building with a jar of jam, to jam the signal. Why would he do that?! When I woke up from the strange dream I was hanging from this rope with this cache in my hand……them Russians are always messin' with ya!”


  • katie w

    The hint did say above ground level

  • Ilya

    good luck

  • Overseaseo

    hello this is a good website
    will come again

    good talk

  • guiksmain

    i asked if it was in the air but no i was in the air!

  • guiksmain

    in: parachute
    out: rope

  • guiksmain

    toke nothing, fell nothing

  • guiksmain

    dificulty: 1.5
    terain: 6.8

  • guiksmain

    gui look

  • guiksmain

    yeah i followed my grandpa back to the USSR, and this was the training…

  • guiksmain

    wife said: honey don't fall!
    son said: dad, dont let the Geocache fall!

    (gui look)

  • cooper troopers

    he hasn't noticed the great big bird that made the mess on the floor below yet so keeps smiling because he has found the cache

  • aussie-O's

    I think next time I'll bring a parachute as well

  • dondeEstas

    “Would you believe I forgot my pen,… and there is not one in here!?!'

  • avonmouth

    hide it well. we dont want passes-by finding it

  • coggins

    “So how do I sign the log with my right hand on brake???”

  • Shuper Seekers

    Our suggestion is “I've got this cache nailed!”
    Shuper Seekers, Alberta Canada

  • profWiggy

    Found my spare set of house keys!

  • Oddangles3

    Caption ~ to the tune of the Klondike Bar jingle
    “What would you do….for a Geocache”


  • OddAngles3

    Caption ~
    “Geocache Hangman”

  • Guest

    GROUND zero? HA

  • Kidactor

    GROUND ZERO? HA – They weren't kidding!!!!

  • kidactor

    I reposted it with my name.

  • WStemple

    “I tried the front door and nobody answered.”

  • Johnsavv

    “Are you kidding me? I was in such a rush to go out geocaching I locked myself out of the house!”

  • Doombot!

    “This cache is sheer genius!”

  • Doombot!

    On second thought…

    “In Soviet Russia, cache finds you!”

  • Jmh1and2

    “Trails? We don't need no stinkin' trails!”

  • cachegirls2010

    Belay….Cache on!

  • Muney4nuthin

    Quit hangin around and sign the log already!!

  • Rajalas

    Nice tights…

  • Vanya Paterson

    “I forgot to pack my gloves and now I've got friction burns!!”

  • StarBrand

    I thought you said this was big enough for a Carabiner?

  • roro

    Congratulations! You have found stage 2 of a 4 part multi cache!

  • Rphil04

    Next time, we take the elevator!

  • lilizard62

    Hey! Its only a mountain.

  • lilizard62

    Hey! It's only a mountain.

  • lilizard62

    Quick! take the picture my butt hurts.

  • Jozii

    What did you call this sport again?

  • irisisleuk

    All those years experience in the geocaching shoelace technique came in handy for this one!