Geocaching Caption Contest 7 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “Thank you, Great cache, took Geocoin, left old man in the woods unable to walk” – slicksps

This is the seventh installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest. Here’s a little background to help mold your hilarious captions.  According to the geocacher pictured, dova dov, this photo was taken at the Washington State Project APE Cache Mission 9: Tunnel of Light GC1169. He attached a Travel Bug to the cane.

What caption would you write for this photo?  “I didn’t know the cane was electrified.”

You can do better.  The winner receives these barely coveted Trail Cards I found in my desk. Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

Barely Coveted Prize

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

18 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the sixth Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

  • BananaForce

    Spoiler Alert! Citizen Cane – Rosebud was actually a travel bug.

  • dcigary

    Whoever pulls the sword from the stone, he shall be king! You, Arthur, you are the one.

  • team_csg

    Dr. Zaius left his cane here.

  • dopeyduck

    WHOA! I finally found a cache large enough to place this Travel Bug into!

  • We now know where grandpa was hiding. xpunkx & julez

  • mtntrek

    WOW! Just what I needed to get out of here! ~ mtntrek

  • charleau007

    I'm blind, not old. Wrong kind of cane. Geocaching's defenitively not for me…

  • Alaskan Colt

    “By the power of Greyskull!! I have the POWER!!!” -Alaskan Colt

  • Cougarkhan

    You see this? This… is my boomstick!

  • aussie-O's

    Bishop Dova consecrates a new cache.


  • vante

    So this is what you find with a metal dowsing rod!

  • Entogeek

    I told you, with these glasses I could bend a baton if I stared at it long enough! – entogeek

  • poblob14

    YOU . . . SHALL . . . NOT . . . GEOTRASH! ~ poblob14

  • lionchaser

    “I am very fast with the cane”


  • lionchaser

    Wanting to visit all the best old folks homes across the globe.


  • Bigguy In Texas

    So this is where I left this the last time I was here!

  • DUDE! Too bad we didn't have this when we started up here! Maybe we wouldn't have lost Grandpa on the way! Who knew those rocks would be too much for him?

  • Scottandtammie

    Cool cane Batman!

  • ZOMG! A +20 Staff of Finding! DNFs are _history_ man!


  • Carpet bag is to Mary Poppins as ammo can is to Cacher.

    Umbrella is to Mary Poppins as walking cane is to cacher??

  • p.boy



  • Team Beest

    I just realized where this cane has been…

  • A citizen outdoors: Oh my god, it reads “Rosebud” on the cane!

  • To get credit for this Earthcache, submit a photo of you next to the petrified human. The top of your head must be level with the cane, if not your log will be deleted.

  • Ben

    Just what I always wanted!

  • Tmwed4

    I have to put this cane where?!?!?

  • Turtlefalls

    Dad!!! We could leave them your cane in trade for the happy meal card deck!

  • ClimbGuy

    “Just wave the magic wand and you to can have a tuxedo shirt like me!”

  • Churchill

    In other news… Local Geocacher found large lockbox full of cane.

  • crs98

    It's a miracle — I can walk now!

  • buckmeadows


  • Ocnblues

    Excalibur! Geocaching has its King!

  • “Thank you, Great cache, took Geocoin, left old man in the woods unable to walk”

  • Highlander 71

    “If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits, Puttin' on the Ritz…”

  • Chrispy89

    “look dad ive found your missing walking cane, now we dont have to carry you back out”

  • Evan Pedlar

    Oh no! If only we'de brought that zimmer frame with, then we could have traded up!

  • Bdrinehart

    How did the guy who put this in as a tradeable leave-qwert0987654

  • Cnmtigger

    Okay Okay you can have your cane back now that I got the FTF!

  • Wfscott

    I'm from OKLA ST. I need a crutch. GO BUFFS

  • GPSChrish58

    Have cane will “travel”.

  • Emilymelonhead

    Hey dad we all know I found this geocache so how bout my favorite food for dinner tonight and then go soak up some sun with some friends! Maybe like some more ditto!

  • KentuckyCamper

    dang, it's got a travel bug on it, I thought I had Grandma's christmas present for this year!!

  • duckace

    T- Cane (For Grandma) (sorry we took of the TB Tag)
    L- Old Man (attached TB to him)

  • Catalina

    Ha ha old man, let's see you get to that next cache NOW!

  • lilizard62

    Ahhhh! My first travel bug.

  • Dave Clark

    Never underestimate the power of the “Healing Cache”

    The Hekawi Tribe

  • fheil

    Its what I've always wanted

  • dondeEstas

    I can't beleive grandpa got here first and he geocached his cane I bought him!?!

  • GoDux

    Whew! I escaped from the “Planet of the Apes!”
    Oh my gosh! I forgot to give Cornelius his cane back!

  • BearPrints

    I can walk!! I always knew travel bugs had great power!!