“Mingo” GC30 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – July 4th, 2010

Sunset at "Mingo" GC30

“Mingo” GC30 survives at the oldest active cache.  This Terrain 1, Difficulty 1 geocache sits right off the interstate in Western Kansas. It was placed on May 11th, 2000.  The cache has been logged more the 1,700 times since then.  “Mingo” is a must-log for many geocachers and billed as a “quick stop for a long trip.” The Kansas Stasher placed the cache.  He writes that it’s the 7th geocache ever placed, and the first in Kansas.

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  • Eric, Let me know when you want to visit Mingo… There's an Event for that!

  • cantuland

    This is a place that every geocacher should visit.

  • Tee

    Been there, logged that, almost got my van stuck until the spring thaw, I think…icy, muddy, snow in the dead of winter, alone, by myself, on my way 'cross country, and no one knew where I was. I'm smarter now. 😉

    (aka Pyewacket)

  • DarkeFox69

    SO colse and yes so very, very far away. I'd need a very good excuse to travel that far.