“Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau” GCJ9YK GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – 7/26/2010

The Virtual Cache titled, “Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau” (GCJ9YK) takes divers forty feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.  At this location you’ll discover a plaque honoring Caption Jacques Yves Cousteau.

This difficulty 4, terrain 5 Virtual Cache delivers geocachers to what’s reported to be one of the most popular dive sites on the West Coast of North America.  The dive site is located off Catalina Island, California.  According to the cache page, you must use SCUBA gear to reach the cache and dive with a partner.

PezCachers, Jill and Ken, created the geocache.

They say, “We enjoy placing caches that have some sort of history to them and are fun to find. GCJ9YK is a fine example of that. When we placed the cache in 2004, there were very few underwater caches and we thought it would be fun to see how many geocachers were divers. Turns out there are a lot! Thanks for bringing attention to the great legend who gave us a vision and the key to the silent world.”

PezCachers asks three questions before you’re able to claim the cache. Beside answering to those questions at this Virtual Cache, you’ll also discover much more: wrecks, drop-offs and come face to face with countless colorful fish.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Virtual Caches are no longer available for creation on Geocaching.com.  These types of caches are now considered waymarks on Waymarking.com.

  • We honeymooned on Catalina this last June. We're not divers, but do a lot of snorkeling. My husband was able to view the plaque, but we didn't try to go for the grab on this one. We'll return some time to learn how to dive & then we'll make the find!

  • Geocacher jorgeorge mentioned this… also see http://coord.info/GC1F4FN … a SCUBA Multi-Cache off of Portugal. Looks like an amazing adventure!

  • Toolyman1

    That has got to be one of the best virtual caches ever since you have to go underwater.

  • i'm a commercial diver (underwater welder) and i work mainly in the gulf of mexico and soon overseas. my max depth allowable is 300ft. i plan on putting a cache on bottom on one of my next deep dives (less than 300ft). wonder how many people will go looking for it, lol. beware: only professional or very experienced divers should try to find it once it's placed.