Geocaching Caption Contest 8 – Win an Actual Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “Trackable sounds an awful lot like snackable – close enough for me!” – Moozer

This is the eighth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  Travel Bugs are one of the joys of the geocaching experience.  This Travel Bug may have ended up in a precarious predicament. What caption would you write for this photo?  “Travel Bug destination? My belly?”

You can do better.  The winner receives an actual Coveted Prize.

Coveted Prize

The prize for this contest is a trackable 10 years coin. Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

13 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the seventh Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

  • Madison Cox

    Wait, you want to do WHAT with my bone?!?!
    Madison Cox

  • Madison Cox

    I'm starting to like this geocaching thing!
    Madison Cox

  • Shellie

    note to owner….good news and bad news bad news my dog chewed up your travel bug good news the kids homework is fine. Team Tiger Pride

  • Diodedude

    To good to hurry travel bone

  • Geojerry7

    Its been real old friend, but alas I must set you free to discover new doggie parks. You see I've gone doggone mad for geocaching!

  • What did you say??? We have to take this to a new cache??? No way! This is MY collectible!!!
    Team Pilaris

  • cachesearcher17

    Now that's the dog tag I'M talkin' 'bout!

  • JohnnyPark

    “Alright, first I discovered it, then I grabbed it, can I finally chew it? Wait, what – there's no option for this?”

  • triga

    Poochy suddenly realised the new shiny metal plate on his favorite toy was NOT for decorative purposes…

  • deansak

    “Wait, I gave this bone to fluffy for our 3rd anniversary! And to think I sprung for hard plastic!”

  • Mardya

    Geocaching.Com expands options cache size with “fits dog”

    geocaching name: Mardya

  • Mardya

    Log entry: TB88BONE lost.
    Apologies for late log, just returned from hospital. Dog Fine

    Geocaching name: Mardya

  • gui look

    the tag should say do not eat me…

  • gui look

    maybe the TB code is inside the bone… shall we find out?
    gui look

  • gui look

    Smells like a TB but looks like a bone… I wonder what it tastes like?

  • tarbaL

    25 countries, 26,320 miles across 3 continents and finally I have found you.


  • Aspelin

    Does eating a travelbug make me trackable?

  • MattyRx

    Found cache. Contents wet….. And chewed…..


  • KBsta

    “Come on, Seriously? I have to send it out into the world?”

  • Binrat

    Mind if I run through my digestive tract before we release it!

  • Mardya

    Geocaching. It haz a flavor.

  • Binrat

    Mind if I run it through my digestive tract before we release it!

    (Made a spelling error, had to fix it.)

  • watracker68

    I know I peed on this !……what's up with this human marking everything in the house with dog tags.

  • mhm39

    “Hey! So, that's where my license went!”
    that's an awesome looking dog by the way – mhm39

  • Dude, there's a bug on my bone!!!

  • BananaForce

    Something about this bone is bugging me.

  • DragonsWest

    “My personal cache contains many, many bones, but none so fine as this!”

  • Rijidij

    How about this time, you bury it and I'll find it…?

  • Soccer Bulldog

    “Had a friend over and took out this Travel Bug so he could discover it. Only problem was that my dog discovered it first!”
    -Richard the bowman

  • Travel Bug my left paw! This Bug's doing a Staycation this year!

  • Emtbiliam

    Is my stomach considered a cache??

  • SwineFlew

    “You may be a travel bug, but you are staying put!”

  • Tri-Chick

    Oh yeah, this TB is going to be traveling…but you may not like where you find it next. (chomp!)

  • Red_Sonya

    I give this two paws up as the most bone-a-fide travel bug!

  • lakedawgs

    “T-B-4-K-R-7” spells DINNER!!!

  • dragon flyer

    they're bigger and move faster where i come from…

  • Aran Minogue

    “I know I wasn't suppose to take this from the cache, but I left a little something behind – Watch your step!!”

  • Jadestep

    How am I supposed to sign without thumbs?

  • Jadestep

    “There ain't no bugs on me, there ain't no bugs on me!”

  • Paul and Kay

    “I got my eye on you bug…….One false move an i'll eat ya”

  • luvourdogs

    Dog gone it. I'm doggone tired and don't have it in me to chew this up after a long dogday of summer hotdogging geocaching. I hope this doesn't get dognaped while I take a catnap.

  • WWPD (What Would Puppymonster Do)

  • michael

    ::thought bubble:: if only geocaches were allowed to be buried. ::sigh::

  • Famagee

    My family went geocaching, and all I got was this stupid bone!

  • Lesleyannangel

    Hmm, first the fire hydrant, then in the tree, behind the rottie's dog house, under kitty's bed (YUCK), in the bwater bowl at the dog park, and finally in the pet store and it's not even edible!?!?

  • Dr. House

    Nevermind this bone's travels, you should see where my mouth has been!

    – Dr. House

  • bekoene

    Dog's best friend, huh?…..I have a bone to pick with you!


  • Ktsmom

    What the ?? I could have sworn I left this in the park. How'd it get back here?

  • Red Rose

    I like to Geocache with them, but now they've gone too far!

    ~Red Rose

  • furrier

    I ate a box of Cracker Jacks for this?