Geocaching Caption Contest 8 – Win an Actual Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “Trackable sounds an awful lot like snackable – close enough for me!” – Moozer

This is the eighth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  Travel Bugs are one of the joys of the geocaching experience.  This Travel Bug may have ended up in a precarious predicament. What caption would you write for this photo?  “Travel Bug destination? My belly?”

You can do better.  The winner receives an actual Coveted Prize.

Coveted Prize

The prize for this contest is a trackable 10 years coin. Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

13 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the seventh Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

  • Dragons4x4

    You're sending it where??

  • Jkferren

    Do you know what is really bugging me right now? I like to keep track of my toys but this is ridiculous. jkferren

  • DR. D of absolute

    “Don't eat that, you dont know where it's been”

  • hike n'bike

    Does this mean I finally get to go somewhere?

  • Mifoxmulder

    What's left of the last cacher who didn't move my travel bug along!

  • 17toads

    “Hey Bug! Get back here with my toy!”

  • fredzuid

    Travel Bug? What bug? I have not seen a travel bug here!

  • gui look

    A bone, the Geocachers best friend, the bone, if you are a dog this is.
    gui look

  • gui look

    Smells like a TB but looks like a bone… I wonder what it tastes like?
    gui look

  • gui look

    name gui look

  • gui look

    Diner is served. Honey, why do i have to eat the TB tag whilst you eat the bone?
    gui look

  • Hmmm… First, they take my peanut butter jar. Now This!! This has gone one bone too far!

  • Bryanx9x

    “Santa plays some mean tricks. Give me a gift i can't play with & have to give away? Just wait Santa, just you wait . . .”

  • Bryanx9x

    “Q, what kind of bug is that? & why would you bug the dog's bone?”

  • Bryanx9x

    “Bone goes in the room, Bug goes in the bone, Dog's in the room, OUR dog? Farewell & adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell & adieu, you ladies of Spain.”

  • BryanX9X

    “No, that is NOT my bone. My bone was THIS big. Go find MY bone.”

  • Joshandmarce

    “I promise I won't run away again, just don't make me eat this Travel Bug!!!!

  • BryanX9X

    “I loved-ed you bone, I loved-ed YOU!!”

  • BryanX9X

    “If only you were a geo-transmitting bug, then I'd know where my bone was at ALL times.”

  • MiaWallace

    Muahahaha! I love that 'no food in caches' rule. This bone's mine! All mine!

  • Dethby1t

    TBEATME, What a coincidence!

  • Dethby1t

    GCMYMOUTH log: Dipping the “Bone” TB in for some miles. Plan on taking it through the Delorme Digestion Challenge via GCTHROAT to GCTUMMY, and will drop it shortly thereafter.

  • “Should I throw those TB hounds a bone?”


  • “What do you mean burying isn't allowed?”


  • Kaboodle The Great

    I can haz bone, you can keeps travelbug, -Kaboodle The Great

  • Kaboodle The Great

    Hey if we just moves tag, and I keeps bone nobody knows right?

  • Geek_Teach

    geek_teach: What do you mean I can't keep it?!?!!

  • Danieljbub

    If I don't have a GPS I am a muggle? Oh, we will see who is a muggle, try to take the bug… I triple dog dare ya!!

  • Coman123

    Total TB mileage logged
    3,480 miles and 34 inches

  • Travel noms!!!!!!!!!
    – a_friend_of_dorothy

  • Primrey

    How do you enter the caption contest?


  • BryanX9X

    “Made in China, Hmm, I dig BIG hole & sends you home!”

  • sourgum

    “Does my owner have to do this to ALL MY STUFF?!?!”-sourgum

  • bandit-brothers

    N 45, UNDER HEART.09
    W 09 ABOVE LIVER.87

    Hint~you can't just pull it out….. It has to run its course

    Username: bandit-brothers

  • Zewrestler

    Caching has really gone to the dogs.

  • Zewrestler

    “I have a bone to pick with this cache”

  • Richardnkristy

    “I know I saw that bug move.”

  • Soccer Bulldog

    “Apon seeing this photo, the concerned owners of the travel bug sent Scott Stracener to rescue it, only to have him report it would take 'open stomach' surgery to save it”.-Richard the bowman

  • B457south

    I walked 10 miles and all I got was this crummy rubber bone!

  • rm1911

    Come on Boss! Lets go geocaching! I have my new TB I want to hide. Can you drive?

  • Wxgirl_23

    TB(eat) or not TB(eat), Cache is the question?

  • Wxgirl_23

    “TB(eat) or not TB(eat)? Cache is the question!”

  • fheil

    Now where am I gonna put this TB

  • Coman123

    Do my claws count as sharp or pointy objects?

  • Peven99

    Wait a second! I don't see a geocode, so it's not a real travel bug. I'm keeping it.

  • Coman123

    L-Kids Homework
    Signed, ahh I mean left log, Rorry

  • Soccer Bulldog

    “Upon seeing this photo, the concerned owners of the travel bug sent Scott Stracener to rescue it, only to have him report it would take 'open stomach' surgery to save it.” -Richard the bowman (previous post had type-o)

  • Geo-Nitro

    “I'm not eating that!! It's got a BUG on it!!”

  • MessSGT

    Found it. MMM chewy. Will move along soon.

  • sourgum

    'Awwwww! I was going to eat that!' -sourgum