Geocaching Caption Contest 9 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning entry by geocacher Ellemmiire, “FTF gets… JAZZ HANDS!”

This is the ninth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  This picture was taken at “Signal Studios” during Groundspeak’s Lost & Found Celebration on July 4th.

What caption would you write? “Mommy, the SWAG scares me!”  You can do better.

Barely coveted prize

The winner receives this Barely Coveted Prize. The Trackable commemorates Groundspeak Headquarters (the Lily Pad) and ten years of geocaching.

Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

19 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the eighth Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the Latitude 47 blog post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.

  • Now then children, let's all pretend we're sailing down the river in an ammo box when we see a CROCODILE!

  • BananaForce

    Being first to find is much better when you can jump out of the cache and rub it in to future finders.

  • CaptCosmic

    Groundspeak introduces its new “Spooky” cache type.


  • Join the clan in the can!

    — olaor

  • dougswass

    funny the log book wasn't damp before we got in here.

  • DragonsWest

    Welcome to our Event Cache, literally!

  • T-N, L-small, creepy people. (geocaching name “brovie”)

  • coyote-run

    Jack and Jill discover the new humane Mugger trap!

  • Swallen62

    You never know what you'll find in a GeoCache!


  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what are you doing here? this ammo can is my house! (geocaching name: xpunkx & julez)

  • Ehmke Home Team

    Be the first on your block to watch the all new tv show “little people big cache” comming to you this fall on after “dirty caches” with mike rowe.
    posted by ehmke home team

  • Dirtyjeep78

    Travel Bug Instructions: Send these two travel bugs across the nation and have them end at GeoWoodstock IX next July. Make sure to feed and water on occasion. Mommy and Daddy need a break.


  • Meg

    Surprise! We're the first two LIVE trackables!

  • Miriam&Molly

    Geocaching — the sport where you are the search engine … and the swag!

  • Chula400

    I know they told us to hide in here but for how long and why do different people keep coming up to us looking for a travel bug.


  • Denise Vajdak

    Look! I remembered to Bring My Own Pen! (NativTxn)

  • BryanX9X

    What to do with the muggles you catch swiping your cache.

  • BryanX9X

    Proposal for the Orphanages of the future, Geo-Cache-Orphans. Just add GPS.

  • dopeyduck

    TADA! You found it.

  • nslagle

    Cache Description: New cache with two new friends for the FTF! (geocaching name: nslagle)

  • _canadianBacon_

    Cache Log:
    Took set of Double A Batteries, left wife and son who forgot to pack Double a batteries.

  • Seqret Squirrel

    Geocaching … Get into it! (Seqret Squirrel)

  • QuesterMark

    STF (Second to Find) can be FTF's (First to Find's) best friend, if FTF fell into the container…

  • I don't know why they got rid of ALRs. 1 … 2 … 3 … JAZZ HANDS!


  • I don't know why they got rid of ALRs! Ready? 1 … 2 … 3 … JAZZ HANDS!


  • fheil

    Put your whole body in and shake it all about

  • robnzh

    what on earth am I going to swap for these two?- hmmm like for like- how many in our team … OH NO!

  • jendanhunting

    Okay think of the jack in the box toy “pop goes the cachers!”

  • Thank God you found us…these containers keep the log dry, but the air runs out pretty quick…

  • DamhuisClan

    There is a surprise in every container!

  • aussie-O's

    Ok, Don't shoot, We'll give it up

  • 4Freds

    HQ “High Quality” adventures await!

  • PaulZoo

    These are AWESOME travel bugs!!!

  • lionchaser

    Leave something of equal value!

    by lionchaser

  • irisisleuk

    Guess how we found this cache without a GPS!

  • mhm39

    Help us get home! Our GPS is on the fritz!

  • Cool, a singing cache-a-gram!

  • BrownSpots

    No! We were the FTF!!!

  • Cam1998

    Wow, I thought this was supposed to be a Micro Cache!

  • …and introducing our new cache type…Live-Cache!

  • FightingDrag

    This is almost as great as splash mountain! Almost…

  • Nstuart117

    Hurray!!! You found us.

  • Madison Cox

    Woah! I was expecting a 5-gallon bucket!

  • Two4True

    FTF this cache gets two sets of Jazz Hands


  • Tectronic

    HEEEEY FOLKS! We're your personal support personnel and we'll show you how to deal proper with this Geocache!

    posted by Tectronic

  • This is a “laaarge”, and we are the traders !!!
    (nickname matzotti)

  • Magking1971

    When “trading up” goes a step to far.

  • wildcranberry

    Look inside the box; an adventure awaits!


    Can't cache us!

    Posted by wildcranberry

  • BryanX9X

    “Argh! We aren't done yet, just 5 more minutes.”

  • BryanX9X

    “We want to see the world. Surprise! Take us with you.”