Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter 7/16/2010

Five Important Things to Know Before Placing a Geocache

There are now more than 1.1 million active geocaches around the world. The most exciting geocaching experiences come from fun, creative and challenging geocaches. If you would like to add your own cache to the growing tally, here are five important things to consider before you get started.

1. The more experience you have finding caches, the better you will be at knowing what makes a great hide. So, get out there and find a bunch of caches before you consider hiding your own.

2. Review the guidelines for placing a geocache. They are fundamental to ensuring that your cache can be listed on

3. Geocaches cannot be placed within 1/10th of a mile (161 m) of one another. Visit and conduct a search for caches in the area that you have chosen for your cache. If the area is saturated with geocaches, you may want to consider a more unique location.

4. A volunteer reviewer looks at each new geocache listing before it is published on Work with your local reviewer. They are highly experienced geocachers and may have follow-up questions or advice that will help expedite the review process.

5. Owning a geocache requires an ongoing commitment. Maintenance requirements include upkeep of the container, replacing the logbook and addressing any unforeseen problems. If you want to place a geocache, make sure that the area is accessible to you so that you can fulfill this obligation.

Find more information about placing a geocache in the Groundspeak Knowledge Books.