The Founder of GeoWoodstock in His Own Words

Joe Armstrong, JoGPS, had an idea more than eight years ago.  The avid geocacher from Tennessee planned to gather the top ten geocachers in one location.  He thought, why not invite others?  And so, GeoWoodstock began.  Hear JoGPS tell the story in his own words.  JoGPS says it started as “all about the numbers” but continues as “all about the number “of new friends you make and smiles you share.

Watch for a Lost & Found video story from this year’s GeoWoodstock VIII  in Carnation, Washington, USA.  The story will debut on July 20th.

  • Pcsenn

    Awesome interview!!! I am looking forward to next year, and wish I could have attended this year.

  • busterbabes

    Thank you JoGPS! I will never forget the TB parking you gave us in Bell Buckle! Looking forward to the TB parking in PA ( yes we will get it 🙂 )

  • Bucktail150

    just 2 bucktails live in warren, pa hope everybody comes next year. we think our little corner of the world is the best site for the geowoodstock next year, cant wait