Geocaching Caption Contest 11 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “More shocking than the size of the newly found geocache was the number of DNFs asking for hints on the cache page.” – bekah.manda

This is the eleventh installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  This picture was posted to Geocaching.com’s Facebook page.  It was too good not to share here on the Latitude 47 blog.

A coveted prize

What caption would you write? “Really big geocache… or really small geocacher?” You can do better.

The winner receives what’s actually a fairly coveted prize this time.  The Trackable celebrates 100 years of scouting and 10 years of geocaching.

Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner of Geocaching Caption Contest 11 will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

Geocaching Caption Contest 10. Click the picture to see the winning caption.

17 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the tenth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.

Click on the picture to the right to see who won.

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  • Gui look

    it seams we cant find it… what size did you say it was?

    -gui look-

  • Gui look

    log: we looked everywhere but still count find it. it must be one of those really small ones! TFTC

    -gui look-

  • Flatouts


  • Flatouts

    Took two trips to find this one, but had a blast.
    Took Beach umbrella, left spare tire.

  • Mcmoppi

    Oh men, again this same thing… WHERE IS THE GEOCOIN?!

  • Wes Scholl

    The cache was too big! We had to get a giant pen, a huge log, AND wheels to roll it to the hiding place…


  • Jimmaxie

    the log is wet!!!

  • Braid Beard’s gang

    After a long, tough, strenuous search, it appears that I am shrinking. TNLNSL. TFTC.

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  • Scooter Rider

    They did there now in the bottom BEWARE THE CACHE MONSTER THAT LIVES WITH IN

  • Scooter Rider

    I bid you welcome to Jurassic Cache

  • Dasadan

    Chuck says “what the hell am i supposed to do with this?”

  • Spoted this one from the cachemobile. Took nothing, left wife.


  • Paul B.

    The new MEGA cache!