Geocaching Caption Contest 11 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “More shocking than the size of the newly found geocache was the number of DNFs asking for hints on the cache page.” – bekah.manda

This is the eleventh installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  This picture was posted to Geocaching.com’s Facebook page.  It was too good not to share here on the Latitude 47 blog.

A coveted prize

What caption would you write? “Really big geocache… or really small geocacher?” You can do better.

The winner receives what’s actually a fairly coveted prize this time.  The Trackable celebrates 100 years of scouting and 10 years of geocaching.

Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner of Geocaching Caption Contest 11 will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

Geocaching Caption Contest 10. Click the picture to see the winning caption.

17 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the tenth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.

Click on the picture to the right to see who won.

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  1. “Geez, and all this time I thought that was a dumpster behind the flowers.”

  2. What it says on the paper he is reading: “To Hide from Nagging Geo-Wife, Jump in here” – Wonderboy and Wife

  3. A few scratches, a little poison ivy, a twisted ankle… those were nothing compared to the hernia I got trying to lift the log book out of THIS cache!


  4. I'm pretty sure i'm on the right spot for the cache, but it is not in this box. Let's double check my calculations. Hmmm..

  5. Cahcing Jones was was in awe of the Cache of the Covenant, but found it hard to sign the log without looking directly at it.

  6. WOW! Instructions on how to finally get back at muggles…1 Find Muggle, 2 Drive giant pen through heart (if they have one)

  7. Reading the note that said that this ammo can was a decoy and you are supposed to be looking for a micro was just a bit too painful for CacherBob, since he needed a large cache for the challenge series he was working on.

  8. This is what happens when you cross Geocaching and Alice (or rather Alex) in Wonderland….shouldn't have drank that bottle that said “Drink Me!”

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