“GR34 – Pointe de la Vicomté” GC1Q0VM GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – 8/23/2010

View from GC1Q0VM

This Geocache of the Week was chosen from the video monitor in the lobby of Groundspeak Headquarters.   The monitor randomly selects a geocacher’s log, in real-time, every thirty seconds.

The map zooms to the location of the cache that was logged.   Geocacher CASTINE logged the find as I stood in the lobby of Groundspeak’s Headquarters 4900 miles (7886 km) away.  GR34 – Pointe de la Vicomte (GC1Q0VM) is located in Saint Malo, France.  Watch the video below to see the selection.

Geocachers describe the location of the cache as a mix of history and nature.  The geocache is rated a difficulty 1.5 and a terrain 1.5.  Gdugardon hide the cache in April of 2009 along the GR34.  The “GR” stands for Grande Randonnée, translating to Grand Walk.

The GR34 is a walking path that skirts the coast of France.  It was created in the late 1700s to guard against smuggling.  In modern times, more than 100 geocachers have discovered this view thanks to GR34 – Pointe de la Vicomte.

Destinations along the GR34

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