geocaching caption contest

  • Scooter Rider

    No I don’t sell car insurance you thinking of that other guy

  • SmilingDawg

    Why are you asking me where Big Bird is?

  • JefferyM

    Hold on.. I finally got a Signal!

  • Gtcs

    My nuts will always be safely tucked away now!

  • Jeo

    Jeo waas here 😉

  • Dean7411

    C’mon Rusty put the GC in I’m hungry!!!!!

  • Jim frost

    Muggles ! Quick HIDE !

  • Shutter shutter

    If the Squrrels knew what we were doing they would think we were nuts

  • Geo-Zeb

    Are you ready to leave yet?

  • Jozai

    Will you marry me?

  • Ms4592

    Nice cache!

  • AmmoTech(Ret)

    Imagine the size of the rifle with the ammo in a can that size.

  • Jpolay

    No I don’t have a geocache in my belly

  • Campykestral

    “GIVE IT BACK TO THE TIGER”? ?…I found it !, I caught it ! I’am gonna eat it !!!

  • Campykestral

    OR…….THE QUEEN & Her helper !

  • Joshua338755

    wwhhyy are you taking a pitcher of my tummey

  • Portlanddave

    Why shouldn’t I love him I get to go on geowalks!!!

  • Karen

    Woman: is that I cache in there?
    Mascot: glad it’s not in the other end?!

  • Ed41196

    An hour and a half……Holy s@#$! Here it is!

  • Aj_16314

    dont get derailed

  • Coombs Wooden Shoe

    Decrypt the hint! (hopeful face)
    Nope, I have no idea what that means and this doesn’t help at all! (frustrated face!)

  • Jim

    Remember to log in!

  • Cupcake58

    Are you a travel bug?

  • Cdnellis

    HOLLOWED BE IT’S NAME themountainaires

  • Ivan

    Woody Treeson by 123irb

  • legacy2009

    Is it a boy or a cache?

  • ultimaterockhounds

    Signal Costume: $500
    Permit for Event: $100
    GeoCachers: Priceless

  • HOWsMom

    Baby Signal on the way!