Geocaching Caption Contest 13 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: If you hold it to your ear you can hear all the screams from the frustrated FTFs.- Oakfire

Your vote helps decide who takes home the barely coveted prize.  Read the captions.  “Like” the one you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, tell (bribe) friends and strangers to vote for you.  Lackeys will then vote on the top captions to crown the winner of this Geocaching Caption Contest.

This is the thirteenth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.   The photo captures the joy (and more likely frustration) of finding a micro cache.  What caption would you write? “Does the snail get the FTF?.” You can do better than that.

The winner receives a barely coveted prize of a single Cache In Trash Out pin.

Barely coveted prize

Good luck!

Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

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21 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the twelfth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.

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  • BryanX9X

    We were Shell-Shocked when we finally found it.

  • Slime Trails – a new adventure from the creators of Wherigo. -movemaine

  • Hay there is a note in my escargot!

  • haleyrebekah

    When you put it up to your ear, instead of waves you hear, “Found it!”

  • Lynni-j

    Clams give you pearls…. Snails give you cache!

  • EyeD Family

    Had a Shell of a time finding this one…

  • Larzanth

    See, even a snail can find this cache.

  • wasurf

    Don’t you ever get tired of “shell” games?

  • Must have been the curry!

  • Micro – Organism

  • Micro – Organism

  • Honey .. I shrunk the geocache!

  • Daywalk

    This was a curly one…

  • BryanX9X

    “She doesn’t know how to use the three seashells! *laughs* I can see how that could be confusing.”

  • BryanX9X

    “Groundspeak’s new division of cache containers – The Naturals”

  • BryanX9X

    “If this is ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’, I’m a little scared to find ‘Do You Smell What I Smell’.”

  • dancer69

    Wow!! That was a hard pill to swallow.

  • The Blorenges

    No! I don’t want to come out and make a comment!! I’ve had that brass thing stuck up my butt for 4 months – Why would I want to make a speech about that?!

  • Wyldgoosechasers

    You would think that most difficult part of this cache would be finding it, only beaten by difficulty of pulling out the log sheet, again only beaten by difficulty in signing it.. The reality is the most difficult part, only after completing the first parts, is remebering where to return the cache to it’s original spot umong other millions of shells. ummm oops, coordinates updated

  • paconlacellars

    Pretty scrawny for a snail

  • Dylman4376

    laugh out loud (lol)

  • Dylman4376


  • Dylman4376


  • Dylman4376


  • Brad Gruss

    And the snail said…”Thanks for relieving me of that undue pressure, and here I thought I was constipated”

  • Just-Droped-Inn

    Snail to the geocacher…So what’s up your bum?

  • Fabscouter

    Ahh, so “Shell filled with Cash!” isn’t an Oyster. Damn these puzzle caches!!!

  • BackpacknJack

    Slow speed crache results.

  • Fyrfytr

    FTF was shellshocked!!

  • roadwanderer

    What came first the shell or the nano?

  • Frankie & Johnny

    Oh, how I always look so much forward to rerolling the logbook and attempting to get it back into the container !

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