“Geocaching Love Stories” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

The journey of geocaching becomes a metaphor for love stories and a vehicle for marriage proposals.  See the couples who have fallen in love while treasure hunting and popped the question at a geocache.

Geocaching Love Stories
Geocaching Love Stories

Geocaching.com introduces you to two such couples, with proposal and wedding snapshots from many more.

Some couples even decide to use geocaching as the theme of their wedding.

Share your geocaching love story in the comments below.

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  • Tinman4x

    I proposed to my wife while performing some cache maintenance at my night cache. I had originally thought of placing a cache just for this purpose but couldn’t get past the thought of possibly loosing the ring to a FTF hound. I had the ring in hand on Christmas eve 08′ and couldn’t wait to pop the question.

    I wanted to hike up to a city overlook and slip it in a cache without her seeing me do it but the temperatures were well below zero that night and no matter what I suggested, a long uphill hike just wasn’t in the cards so I suggested a short drive to check the status of one of my caches.

    After arriving at ground zero I began reviewing the logbook and handed her the ammo can to look at. A quick slight of hand and the the ring was in the can for her to “find”. It’s a moment neither of us will ever forget. The caching gods were smiling on me that evening, we were married in June, 2009.

    Just a note for anyone contemplating such a technique, diamonds look REALLY great under a LED headlamp with snowflakes falling.


  • Anonymous

    So cute, I actually proposed to my fiance in a geocache also. When she opened the ring box and I got down on my knee and asked “Will you be my wife” she was so shocked all she could say was “are you shitting me???”. Not the most romantic thing but it makes a good story. 🙂

    Also groundspeak, thank you for featuring a LGBT couple, people need to show tolerance.

  • mungbean

    My wife and I had our first date two years ago in June. We met up for a walk at The Hermitage in Dunkeld, Scotland and stopped for a picnic at a large rock. Two years later we married, and the day after our wedding placed our first geocache (Called “Romancing The Stone”) at the rock. We’re hoping to revisit it every year on our anniversary.

  • emilierene

    My fiance Scott (thetattooedjew) had been away visting his family for Christmas. We decided to meet for lunch the day he got back. He called me and told me where to meet him, but once I was on my way he called me back and he told me that a new geocache had just been published nearby and he had received an instant notice on his Blackberry. Scott asked me if I wanted to try to be FTF and I said, “Of course!” He told me that it was at a nearby marshland wildlife area. My first thought was that someone beat me to hiding a cache there and must not have gotten permission because a few months ago I sought permission for the spot from the site supervisor and never got anywhere. On my way over I was thinking that it would be find number 327 for me and that I would have the chance to find at least one more cache before the end of the year. I was completely in the mode of geoaching.

    I met up with Scott and he had his GPS programmed. I programmed my GPS and started looking. There is a pavilion at the site, and I started looking inside it for something small because that is what I had in mind for the type of cache that I wanted to place there. I found nothing on the pavilion or the picnic tables there, so I started to look underneath it. I quickly spotted an ammo box and was surprised at the size. I had Scott take a look at the hiding spot then I grabbed it and we took it to a table in the pavilion. I opened the box and there was only one little gift bag in it which struck me odd. I said, “Maybe it is a first to find prize.” Scott said, “Maybe it is for you,” but I didn’t quite process what he said. I pulled it out and it was a Kay Jewelers bag. I got a little box out and opened it and it was an engagement ring! Scott asked me (and I’m fuzzy here) basically if I would be his wife (I’m pretty sure that there was something in there about making him very happy). I kissed him and said yes, of course.

    Scott also told me how all of his plans come together that day. On his way to meet me he stopped at my house and asked my dad’s permission to marry me. Then, he and my dad went searching for my extra ammo boxes, which is what he used for the cache container. There was a price tag on it that was very familiar when I found the box, but that was just one more thing that slipped by me. Scott also told me that the reason he sent me to the resturant first was so that I would be away from a computer and would not check the geocaching website to see that the new cache did not really exist. In reality, Scott was at the wildlife area the whole time from hiding the ring to waiting for me and searching with me. He had been telling me for months that he had a great idea, but couldn’t share it with me until now. It truely was the best idea he could have ever put into action. We consider ourselves Team Outraegous Soul.

  • Siv Anita Skoglund

    We got married July 2. 2010 in Norway. For our wedding we got one very special gift, a smal Congratulations bear, given to us by the people introdusing us to Geocaching! This bear became a Travel Bug. This one: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2453161 called; CongratulationsLoveBear. Just LOVE this little bear, the storry behind it, and that ( http://pilaris.net/blogg/ ) Kjersti introdused me to GEOCACHING. I enjoy it a lot!!! Started on May 25. 2010 – and have already found over 300 caches!!!

    During our fantastic wildernes wedding we also had a kind of geocaching. Many of our wedding-guests partisipated in the game.
    http://villmarksbryllup.blogspot.com/2010/07/villmarksbryllupscaching.html Villmarksbryllupscaching, from my wedding-blog, all in Norwegian of curse!

    Geocaching in my heart! <3

  • Ginger

    My, now husband, created a second geocaching profile and started logging finds on all the caches in the area close to my place of work, including some of my owned ones.
    I picked up in the logs that there was a new cacher in the area and even mentioned some of the comments and notes to my dearest.

    One Thursday morning, hubby phones, very upset about something that had happened at work, and said he wanted to meet for lunch to just get out of the office. I agreed, quite concerned about the mentioned incident, to see him.
    As he arrives to pick me up (he insisted to pick me up and that I don’t drive to the restaurant myself), he mentions a new geocache that had just been published ‘right around the corner’. He printed the listing and asked if I would like to try for an FTF. Of course I wanted to! 🙂

    So I punched the coords into the GPS and started giving directions. I read the cache listing… it said things like ‘this is a very special place for me’ etc. etc. I thought it sweet and noticed that this cache was published by this ‘new cacher’ that had been finding my caches in the area lately.
    At ground zero I got out of the car, heels & all, and started looking. Soon enough I had the cache in hand and got back into the car to have a look at the contents and see if I was in fact, FTF.

    I was then given a card and on the front it read: for the FTF. I found it odd, seeing that I found the container and that the card was not inside it…. but being in geocaching mode, I didn’t think more of it.
    I also picked up that the container and packaging looked very much like my caches do – I felt flattered rather than suspicious.

    The card’s message referenced all the swag items in the container – each symbolised a special occasion/memory from our relationship. Next thing he was down on his knee with the ring in his hand, saying ‘he had also found his treasure’.

    Then it struck me!! So, this is what was going on! Just like that? wow!

    We were married in October 2009.

    We had at least two DNFs logged by cachers attempting FTFs after it had been published that morning – but the actual container only actually got placed just before I was picked up. When he got to GZ to place it, there had actually been guys there, looking. So he had to wait for them to give up and leave before he could go ahead with the master plan.
    Luckily I knew both caching teams personally, so I could e-mail and explain to them what this cache was all about and why I had to be the FTF. 🙂

    We have many wonderful memories of geocaching together.

  • CacheFam5

    KUDOS to Groundspeak for taking a stand and featuring a LGBT couple!! Love is beautiful no matter what form it may come : )

  • Darinkillar

    YEAH! The video turned out GREAT!!! Thank you Groundspeak and Geocaching.com for giving my partner and I the opportunity to share our story with the geocaching community! We can’t stop smiling about this video =)
    ALSO -CONGRATS to everyone that has been proposed to with a geocache, we love reading all the stories and seeing the pics so keep them coming! Thanks again Groundspeak for giving LGBT a voice and letting us be a part of something so amazing!

  • Bobsimages66

  • Bobsimages66

    just married by martty robbins

  • Monterey Company

    i second that KUDOS!!!

  • Brian


  • Awesome everyone. Congrats and cache on!!!

  • Rachel Moreland

    Yay for geocaching proposals!!!

    My husband also proposed using a geocache back in June 2006. I had just finished finals at Portland State and he told me he wanted to take me to the Oregon coast for my birthday. On our way to the hotel he stopped off at Hug Point, a beach day use area. He told me he had read about a cache down there, but the trick was the tide had to ne low enough go reach. He volunteered to check it out so I waited in the car.

    He eventually came back and said we could make it if we hurried so we both headed for the beach. He gave me the geocaching print out and we were on our way.

    After scrambling over some rocks I discovered a small hill with a hole perfect for a geocache. Sure enough I found an ammo can filled with trinkets. Since I’m a creature of habit, I gave my now husband the log book as I looked for an item to trade.

    As I was looking for a trade item, we both noticed a ring box in the cache. My husband quickly commented “what’s in the box?”. I told him it was probably empty and continued to look through the other items in the cache. (let me remind you my mind was fried from finals!!). He encouraged me to look in it anyways and inside I found a note. As I read the note, he got down on one knee and proposed with a ring from his pocket. I of course said yes. I later found out he made up the geocache. He asked my friends and family to write notes to me in the log book and had them donate items for the ammo can.

    I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, creative proposal!

  • Team Nessa

    Great this video, to bad that our complete lovestory that we specialy translated in English is not anywhere to be found.

  • Cyndi53

    I was also very pleased to see Groundspeak feature such a cute couple. My wife does not share my geocaching obsession but she tolerates it which is also a great sign of love to me! 🙂

  • My fiancee took me geocaching on our first date. I had no idea what it was and fell in love with it as quickly as I fell in love with him. When he proposed we were out with our dogs in a park and he said to me “oh, come back here, there’s a cache here, I remember..”

    Here I was standing on the edge of a river, on the beach, searching the roots of exposed trees for some ammo container or disguised bucket and I saw a little purple box.

    He was standing between me and the tree it was under and I said “what’s that?!” he said “oh..I don’t know..” picked up the box and was all of a sudden on bended knee.

    I said yes! right away

    We each had a dog on a leash and of course as we hugged each other they completely tangled us haha.

    It’s a story I will never forget.

    Auroranine & Solomar- getting married on Aug 12, 2011.

  • Mdelgatty

    now how about something on real geocaching weddings, eg the Tulameen Turtles’ wedding at the Great Copper Rush event in Princeton, BC on the August long weekend…

    margaret aka dragon flyer