Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – September 30, 2010

Save the Date – Groundspeak Block Party

Signal and geocachers at the Lost & Found Celebration

The Groundspeak Lackeys had such a great time meeting our fellow geocachers at the Lost & Found Celebration this past 4th of July that we’ve decided to do it again! The Groundspeak Block Party is planned for August 20, 2011. Geocachers will once again take over the streets outside of Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, WA. Next year’s celebration promises new activities, new prizes and repeat performances at the dunk tank.

We hope to see those of you who didn’t make it this year, as well as reconnect with those whom we had the pleasure of meeting before.

The event page is now available and can be found here. So, arrange your travel schedule, log a “will attend” on the geocache detail page, and don’t miss this event!

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