“Kayak Geocaching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

It’s not always your feet that do the work of taking you to a geocache.  Sometimes geocachers paddle a kayak or canoe through pristine waters to hunt down a cache. Follow geocacher Claire Delavigne, known by the geocaching name Planet. She navigates through a Connecticut nature preserve and combines kayaking and geocaching. True to the world of geocaching, her adventure doesn’t go as planned.

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  • Clan Riffster

    Awesome! I own a whole bunch of kayak caches, so I know first hand the joys of combining these two activities. Thanx for the video!

  • RocksNMud

    Ive only been kayak caching once… but it was fun! There are not that many water-hides around here, but with fall approaching, I will certainly venture farther from home!

    My only cache that I have hidden so far (GC2AY20) has been found only by kayak (or jetski)…. its located in the middle of a lake! (Lake Livingston in Texas).

    Its a long kayak trip, sometimes on rougher waters- only the most avid kayak-cachers will attempt this! (Or hop on a Jet Ski and power your way to this cache.)

  • Briansnat


  • KirkOz

    I have never been kayaking before. I leave for SC tomorrow. There are many kayak caches in SC. Perhaps I’ll give it a try.

  • This type of geocaching brings the hunt to a whole new level. This is a great way to put your geocaching skills to the test and travel the great outdoors in a different way. Just make sure you’re not traveling alone and always be prepared for the worst!

  • bmorgan79

    I am planning on placeing a few of these when it gets warmer!! Then I plan on taking a 4 hour drive and finding some!!! I cant wait!!

  • Outasight10

    woulg any one be interested in finding these on the suwanee river and peace river