“One, If By Land” GC16C0 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – 9/13/2010

Ship wreck near GC16C0

One of the joys of geocaching is what you discover on the way to the geocache.

Geocachers searching for One, If By Land (GC16C0) are challenged to hike along the rugged coast of Maine, U.S.A.   They’re rewarded with the skeleton of weathered shipwreck and, according to the cache page, greeted by notorious Maine mosquitoes.

More than 150 geocachers have logged a smiley on this geocache.  It was hidden more than nine years ago in August of 2001.

Hardy adventurers have to travel to Sawyer’s Island, Maine.  The cache reads, “The mosquitoes hope our cache you’ll seek. Under oak, fir and birch, go take a peek. Near water’s edge you will want to be. Just follow trail in clockwise route, past an ancient wreck, you’ll see.”

The Maine coast on the way to GC16C0

Cache owner BRLT adopted “One, If By Land” in 2006 and tells us that coordinates may soon be readjusted to bring geocachers even closer to the difficulty two, terrain 1.5 cache.

It might be the ideal time of year to search for “One, If By Land.”  The leaves in Maine are just beginning to change color as the fall season approaches.

Your exploration doesn’t have to stop here. There are now more than 6000 geocaches in Maine, and nearly 1.2 million geocaches around the world.  You can explore all the Geocaches of the Week here.