“Riddarhuset” GC18T59 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 27, 2010

35mm geocache canister for Riddarhuset
35mm geocache canister for Riddarhuset

“Riddarhuset” (GC18t59) is one of the most popular geocaches in Sweden.  More than 1500 geocachers have logged  a smiley on the geocache.

That’s an average of nearly two finds a day since the geocache was placed by Librex back in January of 2008.

The geocache sits in the shadow of what Librex describes as the “foremost monument of Sweden’s Age of Greatness.”


Riddarhuset translates into English as “The House of Nobility” and was the palace where the Swedish aristocracy met for sessions of Parliament.  It’s still used by Swedish nobility today.

The “Riddarhuset” micro-cache is listed as a terrain one, difficulty one.   Geocachers traveling to Stockholm often thank the cache owner for enriching their trip by showcasing Riddarhuset.

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