10/10/10 – Be Part of a Worldwide Geocaching Record Attempt

10.10.10. - Geocaching under the Hills (GC2G1Jm) Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On October 10th of this year there will be an Event Cache on a Bulgarian hillside, a 10 minute, 10 second Flash Mob near a hotel in Tianjin, China and two geocachers in the United States will even make 10-10-10 their wedding day.

These are just three of more than a hundred geocaching events dotting the globe on 10-10-10.  Geocachers are taking October 10th, 2010 (10-10-10) to celebrate 10 years of geocaching and 10 years of Groundspeak in 2010.  You can join too and make geocaching history.

The geocaching community is attempting to break the record for number of accounts that logged caches in a single day.  Currently that number stands at 56,654.  Even one log on 10-10-10 counts since we are tallying how many accounts log a cache, rather than the number of caches logged.

One 10-10-10 Event Cache will be remembered forever by at least two geocachers.

Vader takes a Bride 10/10/10 @ 10:10:10 (GC2CXX3)

Lord Vader of the Mini Martin Warriors and Nozy RN are taking the 10-10-10 celebration to a new level.  Their 10-10-10 event is titled, “Vader takes a Bride 10/10/10 @ 10:10:10” The Virginia couple is exchanging wedding vows at exactly 10:10:10am on 10/10/10.

Portions of the 10-10-10 worldwide event will be captured in a Lost & Found video. You can play a part in the video clip which will be posted on Geocaching.com and its social media sites.  Take your video camera along on your 10-10-10 adventure.  All you have to do is simply record a ten second clip.

Tell the camera your geocaching name, the location (city, state, country) where you’re geocaching and one sentence about why you chose to geocache on 10-10-10.  Post your short 10-10-10 clip to the Geocaching.com Facebook Page by the end of the day on 10-10-10. Posting your video clip on Facebook grants consent for its use in the Lost & Found 10-10-10 video.  The best clips will make the video.

Currently ten Canadian Provinces, 17 locations in the United Kingdom, more than 40 American states  and even an outpost in Afghanistan are signed up to commemorate 10-10-10 by geocaching. Don’t miss out!  Explore the Geocaching Events Calendar to join an event near you. Log a cache that day and help break a geocaching record.

  • HEY This is on my Birthday!! Go me!!

  • Lol, me too. Yay..us?

  • Sherrie

    My son was born on 10 10 @ 10:00 and we are commemorating it YES you know when!

  • Neil Roberts

    So to get in the record you need to log a cache on Sunday but which timezone will be used to count the day? Will it be whatever timezone the geocache lives in or does it have to be Sunday in America when the cache is logged?

  • robnzh

    I would like to be able to try to do 10 caches on the day but (a) church in the morning – (b) that still leaves the afternoon and evening for caching here BUT unfortunately there is a nasty looking storm on the way!

  • Chris-mouse

    Does the log have to be posted online on 10:10:10, or is it enough that the cache was found on that day. I’ll be trying for GCA2E0 – First Killarney Provincial Park Cache on that day, but probably won’t be able to get online until at least the day after to post my log.

  • Andrwe_boggs4

    We are so hitting some caches that day its my B-day

  • Flyingfingers

    I would love to try to geocache with my family and Ill be the one in charge of puting it where the big cache is.

  • Sullysteve

    I think that I want to participate in the 10-10-10 event

  • Hazumu

    I will b ther celabrating with a few friends and if I can we wil vidio it just 4 u. Live long and prosper.. Geocache rules 10-10-10 do it again

  • Schade_meins

    Tomorrow I will move with another cacher ..The plan: 29 Caches..Good Luck!!!!!

    Greetings chrichy91

  • Skyhoby5

    How come it has to be on a Sunday? I might try to do it in the afternoon with my partner. By the way, I’m a kid. You should try to find mine if you live in Lebanon, Oregon. The code is GC2DX4Q.

  • SamyTerje

    7 caches found this morning with kids in Grenoble and with our bicycles 😉

  • Trekman27

    Grabbed mine early today to add to the count of cachers logging a find. Anywhere we can track the number during the day today?

  • Hobo2

    I got mine logged today!

  • Yeah I

  • gc24jyo

  • teamhancock

    We would love to participate, but it seems that a Trimble server is down and so the geocaching app on my phone won’t work.
    Go figure!

  • Racer1902

    Found my Cache for 1 Hour ago 🙂

  • Seasand

    Hooray, we celebrated by finding 10 caches today! I hope the record is broken. Good luck Geocaching team.

  • Papousgirl

    Logged mine for today!

  • Reej

    At 10-10-2010 @ 10:10 we have found the first 10 caches of today

  • flgradybunch

    It was just a pretty day here in Florida and although we had things to do my son and I decided to stop and find “maybe” 2 on our way home from breakfast. To our surprise the little 10-10-10 souvenir flashed up on our GPS after our first find. We didnt even know about this or would have made a day of it and brought our camera along. But we did end up with 5 finds and a TB that day so we were glad we were a part of this memorable day! TFTC!!

  • R Clarke57

    Done my bit today with two new caches found hope this adds to the total
    and we can beat the record.

  • Pattycat

    I did my due diligence and found 8 caches today and would have liked to have found 2 more to make 10 cache finds for 10/10/10 but at least I’m in there. Thanks for doing this, it gave me the opportunity to get out of the house even if it was raining (but just a bit).

    From your Geocaching friend Pattycat [:o)]

  • Ramble_on

    Got out and found 8 today. I have not logged them yet but will do that soon. Should have found a couple of more to make it 10. Hope the record is broken.

  • Garner

    Did 2 on the way home from work.

  • Hiker_R

    Today my goal was to log 10 founds. No more, no less. I succeeded!
    After the on line logging I saw my trip odo meter on the GPSr: It was (rounded off on whole kilometers) at 10 kms. Now THAT was a coincidence. But nice.

  • Qcglobetrotters

    Our small contribution to the 10-10-10 event: we found 7 caches today and met 2 geocachers on the trail. Vive le géocaching!
    Waiting for the 11-11-11 😉

  • nursemate

    Didnt grab any caches today but attended 2 10-10-10 events dropped 2 coins and discovered 2 TB’s. Fun day it was.

  • GarrettClan1

    We did our part. Found one out by Etter, TX.

  • ddcoffee

    We did our part. Hope to break the record! It was a beautiful day today too.

  • Chemitzi

    I almost forgot about this. We were all settled in for a night of TV watching after a busy day, when suddenly I realized we had to go find a geocache. Since it was already dark, we had to bring a flashlight. I looked for a large park and grab nearby, and (surprisingly easily) convinced my 11-yr-old and 19-yr-old to come along for the adventure. We only had to crawl around in the bushes for a few minutes.

  • Mamacita_1

    Only found one today, but at least it counts. Beautiful day — had some trouble with my iPhone, so only logged on, but looked for 3 others, but lost service and hadn’t saved. I learned my lesson. Hope we set a new record!

  • kootenaycarver

    Busy day today but did manage to get out and get one cache. Every little bit helps.

  • Dave’s Not Here

    Rushed out this eve to find a cache after being shamed into going by another cacher. Did get my cache and hit a deer what an eventful eve. Oh well did have a good time nice dent in car and the deer lived, bummer.

  • walkin’ man

    Finding a couple of caches on this beautiful Utah Autumn day.

  • rverdahl

    We made our goal to find 10 caches today (10/10/10) and we succeeded despite a couple of tricky ones!

  • Strider

    So what is the count as of 10:00 pm CST?

  • Cas & Crew

    Had to log one today, Thanks for 10 yrs folks!

  • MaoMaoChong-de-Jia

    My daughter and I attended a very fun event in Monterey, California!

  • MaoMaoChong-de-Jia

    Oh, and we found caches too!

  • JDG63

    Found one today while out and about. Hope we break the record! How will we know if we made it?

  • VJDuran

    My family and I went five for five today. That’s a new family record for us, the old one being four/four. Would like to know where we can find out the total accounts logged today.

  • Dk2469

    went 7 for 10 today ran out of time to get all 10 but at least it was fun trying

  • isoDarren

    We did a few on 10/10/10.. When, How do we find out if the record attemp was a sucess ?

  • Edie Obryant

    I took my youngest grand baby Miss Zoey (23 months )with me after Church and we did our part ..Ended up with six and Miss Zoey got some swag !!

  • EveningKiss

    Checked out 2 caches on 10/10/10. Found one but not the other. Here is to another 10 years =)

  • ginger007

    We would have liked to try for 10, but time ran out! Ended up getting 5 out of 6 on the day. When will we know the final number of people logging??? :o)

  • samyterje

    10 did also yesterday! So? What is the result? World record?