“Geocaching Rhode Island DeLorme Challenge” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Follow along in our latest video as geocacher DiverVan attempts to complete the “Little Rhody DeLorme Challenge” in a single day.


In geocaching terms, a DeLorme Challenge requires a geocacher to log a geocache on each page of a DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteer. Some DeLorme State Atlas & Gazetteers have more than 50 pages and require traveling hundreds of miles. Other DeLorme Challenges are for portions of a state, such as the South Central Alaska  DeLorme Challenge.

The challenge might take geocachers months or even years.  Because of its comparatively small size, The Rhode Island DeLorme Challenge can be completed by a well-prepared geocacher in a single day. The challenge, called “Little Rhody DeLorme Challenge” (GCZK7D), was created by BBWolf+3Pigs in November of 2006.  So far, more than one hundred geocachers have logged a smiley on “Little Rhody DeLorme Challenge.”

For a recent list of the other DeLorme Challenges in the United States see this bookmark.

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