“Lloret de Mar – Panoramic view” GC14XM5 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK, October 11, 2010


“Lloret de Mar – Panoramic view” (GC14XM5) delivers what the cache owner promises.  The search for this micro cache leads geocachers to a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.  Apache87 hid the cache in August 2007.  More than two hundred geocachers have logged the difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 find.

GC14XM5 - A micro cache with a view

The growing tally of those to log GC14XM5 includes more than a dozen geocachers that found GC14XM5 on 10/10/10.


It’s the same day hundreds of geocachers gathered near the cache for Flashmob MEGAEVENT CATALUNYA 2010.

The event celebrated ten years of geocaching.  The flashmob lasted just 10 minutes as the geocachers formed a giant number 10.

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  • Kirstenanddalecameron

    It was a fun day to get out caching!!!

  • Apache87

    A pleasure for me know that this cache is the best of the week! Thanks for this reputation!

  • Bubi Team

    Absolutely amazing! Congratulations to Apache87! Really a great location! +++