“Mother says geocaching helps her autistic child” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Beth Hurley’s nine-year-old son Ryan is autistic.  The disorder affects his social, developmental and self-care skills. While many children his age feel a sense of accomplishment on the sports field or in the school gym, Ryan’s mother says, he’s left out.

Geocaching team, "meandthekiddoz"

The family found geocaching about a year ago.  They geocache under the name meandthekiddoz and already found more than 60 caches. Beth says geocaching offers Ryan an independent way to sense accomplishment, bond with his family and even lose weight.

Watch Ryan and his family hit the geocaching trail in the latest Lost & Found video.

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  • I have a son on the autism spectrum too and the independent sports like swimming and geocaching are great ways to keep them active and give them that sense of accomplishment. The only thing I find is that I need to go out with a plan and lay it out beforehand – if I say “we’re going to find five caches today” even if we find them pretty quick after five he’s done, but at the same time he doesn’t have issues with wanting to quit before we’ve found five.

  • Yabut

    I also have a son with autism. He’s in his 40’s now and living independently. I can’t get over how you talk about his disorder in front of him, like he can’t understand.

  • Jojoguy10

    I like them! Oregon State Beaver fans! GO BEAVS! Oh ya, geocaching too :-).

  • Great story .. I think geocaching is great for ANY kids, it can teach so many skills, and it’s a nice way to spend time as a family outdoors! Go Beavs! 🙂

  • JMarsh

    This is a great story. I am a P.E. and Health teacher and have had several autistic students in my class. Watching this video made me think of my students and how much fun it would be for them, not to mention the good exercise. Keep up the good work meandthekiddoz!

  • Harwell5

    Awesome story! Way to go, RYAN (and family)! Keep it up buddy!

  • Sparrow2

    kudos to the awesome support of sissy!!!! As a mother of 3, 2 with Aspergers syndrome, we have found that geo caching helps to foster a team bonding mindset.

  • Taylord001

    I just knew that something good would come out of Geocaching. That is awsome! I didnt really get to meet you at the Far East Meet event but it was nice to see you there.

  • tigerententante

    Me too- i have a son with ASD. With geocaching we now can go out just for walking 🙂 no more conflicts if we have a cache as goal. Even if we can`t find one, only a little nagging and then we can search another cache. Geocaching is so cool, also for a part of autistic children and people. Hurra and thanks to all cachers! 😀 greetings from switzerland

  • D-ZU 32

    My son, also autistic, will go caching with us frequently and this activity gives his sister and himself something to do together. He does often get left behind when his sister, who is not special needs, is involved in things. We carry around a pocket of treasures for him to “find” if there is nothing left in the cache. Getting rewards spurs him on to want to do another. Holding the I phone GPS is pretty good incentive too! We have walked about 15 pounds off him doing this, so the benefits are many. I am so glad we found this to do as a family, it makes us closer!

  • Powertool

    I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma who caches (Tenacious Red). she is a substitute teacher. About a month ago she was a long term (three weeks) sub in the special ed. department. They needed an activity and they had just received their monthly news letter from the state, which had an article about Geocaching. She told the other special ed teachers and the principal about the article and caching. So they developed a private (non-published) cache on the school property. On the day of the activity they took the kids out a couple at a time. It turned out to be one of the best activities that they have ever done with the kids.