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“Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache” GCHREH GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 18, 2010

Bamboo forest - GCHREH

Geocachers trek through a Hawaiian paradise of bamboo forests and waterfalls to discover “Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache” (GCHREH).  But paradise can be deceiving.  The cache is rated as the most arduous terrain and difficulty a geocacher can endure.  It’s a five terrain and five difficulty.

You’ll encounter a lush bamboo forest and four waterfalls.  The journey takes a twist when geocaches must swim a hundred feet across a mountain stream to continue their adventure.  The swim though is just the beginning.  Geocaches must also scale a rock wall using a wooden ladder.

Nearly a hundred geocachers have already logged a smiley on the cache. The traditional cache was placed back in 2005.  Dozens of posts have already thanked those who paced the cache and the geocacher who adopted the cache.  They read, “Wow – so this was pretty epic!”  and “Our first 5, 5 and man is it deserving of it. This is the type of adventure I have always dreamed of as a kid.”

One of four waterfalls - GCHREH

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