“4 Jan” GC1T8R0 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 15, 2010

"4 Jan" (GC1T8R0)

The regular sized geocache “4 Jan” (GC1T8R0) hides in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, Scotland.  But the geocache isn’t “for” someone named Jan.  It has a different meaning altogether.

Cache owner C3P4J created “4 Jan” as his first hide. He writes in the cache description that the name of the cache is the anniversary date of his wedding. He and his fiance were married on January 4th.

Geocachers discover more than a sentimental geocache.  They are treated to amazing views of Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.

The size of this cache makes it easy to trade items, sign the log book or even drop a Travel Bug.

Depending on the route that you take, the three star terrain trek may require a bit of steep climbing.  The payoffs also include an unforgettable visit to the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel (pictured above and below).

The cache has been found more than 150 times since to was placed in June of 2009.

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"4 Jan" in summer
  • Charles

    YAY, our cache is Famous!!!! 🙂 – This is Charles here, I thought I would just add that 4 Jan is in fact “4 January” our wedding anniversary as well as “For Jan”, Jan being my new beautiful wife! This spot was used to hide a birthday present a few months earlier for Jan. Then we decided that it would be perfect for a cache celebrating the start of our wonderful marriage. Who know’s what the next one will be… we have some ideas… 😉

  • Thanks for creating such a wonderful cache. It’s truly one of the ideas behind geocaching.. to sure significant, breathtaking and personal locations. Thanks again! Can’t wait for your next cache.