Geocaching.com Souvenirs


Souvenirs such as the Bayern, Germany souvenir pictured on the left, are virtual pieces of art that you can discover and display on your profile page, as well as on the Geocaching iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 apps.

Souvenirs are most often awarded for finding a geocache in a specific geographical location. Geocaching artists have produced more than 100 souvenirs: including one for every German and U.S. state along with each Canadian province.

Below is a list of all of the released souvenirs. Images of each souvenir can be found at the end of the post. The souvenirs are a powerful way to remember your geocaching adventure, like postcards that never get lost.  Geocaching has released all the souvenirs we’ve created. At this time no additional souvenirs are being designed.


U.S. States –

Released in the order of Statehood

New Jersey
South Carolina
New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
West Virginia
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Mexico
Washington D.C.

German States –

Released in alphabetical order




Canadian Provinces –

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland & Labrador

Other Countries –

Česká Republika
Slovenska Republika
Rzeczpospolita Polska

Special –

Geocaching HQ Souvenir
Lost & Found Celebration


Original Cache Location
Project APE Cache
GeoCrush Visual Arts
GeoCrush Books & Music
GeoCrush Dance
GeoCrush Theater
International Geocaching Day
International Geocaching Day 2011
Leap Year Souvenir
Leap Day 2012 Souvenir
Worldwide Flash Mob 2012
Worldwide Flash Mob 2012
International Geocaching Day 2012
International Geocaching Day 2012
12-12-12 Souvenir
  • Scarlett_Ohara

    Gotta say i like all German, since I am German, both parents, but also grew up in TX. so gotta go for it as well…

  • TeamElliottFamily

    I still think that souvenirs for states devalues the souvenir itself.
    Why not make souvenirs for exotic locations – places that are hard to get to, rather than run of the mill spots.

    Far away places like New Zealand’s North, South and Stewart islands, or Ayers rock Australia, deserve being remembered but Iowa… really?!

  • Catzilla

    I have 30 of these…Man, I have a LOT of work ahead of me to get the rest!

  • coralteach

    How about one for Ireland? I’m going caching there in March!

  • JPohaku

    I don’t understand some of the logic behind the souvenir graphics… I mean Alabama (which is not known for ballooning) has Hot Air Balloons and New Mexico – home to the largest balloon club in the world, largest balloon rally in the world, and the highest concentration of hot air balloons of any state get a lizard?

  • PhotoRoamer

    I agree, it would be nice to have the icon match the souvenir for the US states! They’re all so lovely, and make the souvenir page much more colorful!

  • Geocaching

    I have got problems with the german souvenirs because the artist used a lettretype out the time around the 3.Reich. No german citizen would use a lettretyp as this, here in germany…. Please make a change.

  • Anonymous

    You do know that there is more to the world than North America, don’t you? 🙂 I would like to see something about the Great South Land aka Australia … and New Zealand, too, of course.

  • Frank Safranek

    How about one for the oldest still active geocache in the world — “Mingo” in Kansas.

  • pixelproducer

    Exactly the same thing I was thinking. I find it very strange that it is still this typology in connection with Germany, in your eyes!? The pictures are so beautiful, it would be great if the font can be changed. jen

  • Mountie

    What about the Mega Event “Das Ulmer Fort” 2010? This was the No. 1 Mega in Germany last year. And as I remember Jeremy visited it too!

  • trondlyder

    Very nice souvenirs, But nothing of those in Norway. I’ll wish me one.

  • MaZoNe

    Und was ist mit Österreich?
    What happens to Austria?

  • tbose

    What about a souvenir if you find a cache on a certain holiday? I purposely found a cache on Christmas, hoping I would get a souvenir for it. What about a souvenir for each thousandth find? (1oooth, 2000th, etc) or a souvenir for those who have found 5000 caches, etc. I love the idea of a souvenir for each country I have cached in. We are going to Portugal next month, so please get busy!! You have all done a wonderful job on these, and it is a great idea to begin with.

  • mbbaumann

    Are there a certain number of finds required for California? I picked up 13 caches on a recent trip to the San Diego and I have not seen the CA souvenir appear in my collection.

  • gem ms p

    Not sure, but we only have 5 from California and we have the Souvenier.

  • One find should be all it takes to earn a souvenir in any area. If you’re still not seeing the souvenir… let me know.

  • Socialmaniac

    Didn`t the souvenir for portugal should be awarded when caches at Madeira has been found? Madeira is an Island and a part of Portugal.

  • Videolester

    How about Mexico, The Barbados & China?

  • NL-FAN

    Don’t forget the Netherlands – Holland is a big geocaching country with many caches – so NL deserves a special souvenir!
    Or better – one for every province – there are 12 of them!   

  • Treasure Trekkerz

    I would really love to see a souvenir for Mexico! There are a lot of people who come through on cruise ships or visiting the main land that it would be a shame to go all that way and not to get a lovely geocaching souvenir!

  • Two Grands

    Are you planning a souvenir for Mexico soon?

  • ORupp

    This year I’m planning holidays (and geocaching) in Austria and Italy. Would be great to get souvenirs of this two countries.
    Why not get souvenirs of all European countries. Thanx for all now existing ones.

  • Luis Joann Alvarado

    Please don’t forget Puerto Rico (It’s a U.S. Territory) 🙂 

  • Team Gewei

    The list misses the DIR 2012 😉

  • Stephan Graf

    I would love to see a souvenir for switzerland. Just because we are a small country doesn’t mean that we don’t have a large cacher community.

  • kompjoeteren en nog eens kompj

    Nice idea, souvenirs! But the world is much bigger and even greater 🙂 than the US! Like the beautiful Netherlands: give each province its own Souvenir; A small country with a really fantastic spectrum of great places.
    So, for the American’s that do not know the existence of The Netherland and its GREAT provinces:Here they are, take a look at them and START looking over yout boundaries:


  • bulcacher

    Wouldn’t it be possible to publish souvenirs from the desktop backgrounds that I saw on the site a while back? For example, there was an image of Signal standing on top of Pamukkale in Turkey. But I guess the technical side of things is probably more important and complicated than coming up with an illustration?

  • J&P

    There was supposed to be a souvenir for logging a cache on August 18 – International Geocaching Day. We found 10 geocaches on that day but didn’t get any souvenir. Was it because we logged them 2 days after the fact?

  • The StarCachers

    I wish we had a Girl Scout souviner connected to any cache with girl scout in the name

  • taz427

    Is there an updated – maintained list of what souvenirs are available? I know I have a few that are in the list above, and I’d like to know what I may be missing out on.


    I had one for hong kong and it disappeared, how did that happen?

  • moliveri

    will there be a new piece of artwork for 12-12-12? it would be nice to add to the collection since this is the end of the number parties for a long while

  • Mexicutioner

    It’s too bad there aren’t any for Japan!

  • yoyowashere

    There should be a Dr.Pepper souvenir.

  • Junior

    Don´t forget the last APE Cache active in the world which is in Brazil, people would love to see one in the Atlantic Forest!

  • I miss a souvenir from Denmark. Know, there has been made a beautifull viking-design. Hope it will be released now

  • neolie

    Der Font ist einfach nur hässlich, da hatten die Vorgängersoveniers auf grünem Grund ja schon gut vorgelegt. Aber ehrlich gesagt, die Illustrationen sind genauso altbacken. Schade, dass Deutschland so gesehen wird. Die anderen Länder sehen allerdings auch nicht besser aus. Die geoCrush Reihe gefällt mir am besten.

  • Alex Sidewinder

    I think each country that has active geocachers and active geocaches, should have it´s own Souvenir. Would be fair to all members and countrys who support our great hobby. I specially miss the souvenirs of France, Italy, Denmark, Nederlands and Turkey. No need for provinces like in Germany or USA, only one single picture! Would be real great and even a sign to small countrys and their members

  • There is not one souvenir for the whole of the African continent! South Africa, has the largest Geocaching community on the whole continent. Isn’t that worth a souvenir?

  • It would be nice if they had at least one souvenir for each country where there are geocaches placed. After that they could expand to States or Counties.

  • I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised next week! (I think it’s one of the most beautiful souvenirs we’ve produced)

  • Thank you for the France one today 🙂
    We have 5 for German Districts, just hoping for Denmark, Holkand / Netherlands & Belgium now 🙂
    Why won’t you be making more? Surely with over 5,000,000 Cachers there would be someone more than capable and willing to take the oroject on?

  • I agree, we would like one for Netherlands too 🙂

  • We would like one for Denmark too 🙂 we got about 5 whilst caching in Germany and were so disappointed when we didn’t get one for Denmark – surely ALL countries should get one, especially when some countries already have multiples for districts / counties etc

  • I think the Holidays Idea is great 🙂 Christmas Day is very special indeed for those who celebrate it 🙂 if you’re concerned over the religious holiday, just do a beautiful winter wonderland souvenir 🙂

  • It is so beautiful, saw it today 🙂

  • We have cached, travelled through a few times and have stayed in the Netherlands – such a beautiful country 🙂

  • monf

    anything planned fro ACT CANBERRA australia’s national capital .. zillions of caches and cachers 🙂

  • The Netherlands! Please, don’t forget us, we really deserve one too…