“Geocaching for the Blind” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Mike May develops GPS devices for blind and visually impaired users. To help users learn the devices’ cutting-edge technology and explore the world around them, he champions a form of geocaching. Watch this video and go along as Mike May and friends develop a treasure hunting course using adaptive GPS technology.

For information on GPS devices for the blind and visually impaired explore http://accessibleGPS.com

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  • AngelFreak

    I would love to get ideas for how to do this with those that are deafblind.

  • cumbiya

    After seeing a previous video about accessible geocaching, I had an idea about attaching a receiving device to a cache that would make it flash and beep when a disabled person carrying a transmitting device got close. I am not sure how to implement it though.

  • Blaufish

    Re: disabilities, the swedish geocaching community was able to provide translators for death / hearing impared at FAD 2010. The goverment couldn’t provide it, but a Q in forums/event page turned up two translators planning to attend.

  • Dave

    This is a bad idea, I have been to some pretty difficult area’s on the side of hillsides, cliff’s, My gps has shown me very close to one, within 100 feet, except the cache was on the other side of a creek, on top of a cliff, imagine what would happen to a blind person looking for this.

  • Hikerforlife

    Hi, I am new to Geocaching and I have been out a few times with friends that are blind. We only had my Garmin and we had a great time. For the record, one of the ones we found while on a hike from Ottawa to Montreal, we walked 147 klm from where we started to find it…….. For the record Dave, I have hiked mountains that are over 4,000 feet with my hiking partners that are blind, backpacked distance that are over 100 klm in rugged country, canoed the interior of many parks…. I think and more importantly they know its a great idea to have GPS to assist persons who are blind to partake in this sport…. Wow we are exited

  • Blaineclrk

    I’d like to do something a bit different. My group isn’t into geocaching, but we’d like to hold a picnic in the dark sometime this summer for our community. There are a few sighted geocachers in the area and we’d like to figure out how to do a blindfolded version for the public. We’re doing such as blindfolded wheelbarrow races etc. and I think a blindfolded version of geocaching would be a blast. Any Ideas how we could do it?

  • Wanderingwacky

    People like Mike May make the world a better place. Thanks and kudos to everyone involved.